Viz announces at Anime Central the Re-release of the original Sailor Moon Series

Sailor Moon

Representatives with Viz Media have made the official announcement that they are re-releasing the original Sailor Moon TV series and the movies completely uncut.

The news first broke at the Viz Media panel Friday at Anime Central in Chicago. The representatives released the official licensing video which can be seen here.

At press time, Viz stated they acquired the streaming, digital, and home video licenses for all 200 episodes of the original series, the one-shot specials, and the three movies.

The series will aired subtitled in the original Japanese language on Viz-owned and Hulu Plus beginning Monday, May 19th. The un-cut English dub is scheduled to air later this year.  

Viz Media plans on hosting a full-event on July 5th at Anime Expo in Anaheim which they’ve dubbed “Sailor Moon Day”. The date falls within the technical same-time airing of the new Sailor Moon series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (The show is scheduled to air at 7:00 PM in Japan which would be 3:00 AM in California). Viz will hold panels with more information regarding the partnership with Toei Animation as well as release the cast list for the re-dub.

Sailor Moon originally aired on US television in 1995 when it was dubbed by DiC animation. However, due to heavy editing and early morning time slots, the show was destined for cancellation. Then in 1996, a small fanbase calling themselves Save Our Sailors helped organize fans in a grassroots Internet campaign that helped bring the show back to US airwaves on Cartoon Network as well as dubbing of the episodes in the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S series. Unfortunately, Sailor Stars was never dubbed, aired, or made commercially available until now.