Eric's Blu Review: Monsters University Collector's Edition

Disney and Pixar have released one of the most anticipated sequels, Monsters University, on Blu-ray and DVD. I have only one question after taking it in. How can a follow-up to such a highly regarded movie seem so stale when filmmakers had nearly 12 years to come up with a good storyline? What we get instead is an uninspired family-friendly rehash of Revenge of the Nerds and Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise.


Box Office Breakdown: Monsters U Holds Off The Heat

This past weekend at the box office saw a pair of new releases, but Pixar's Monsters University managed to hold them both at bay and retain the #1 spot.  Man of Steel has fallen back a little further, but is quickly approaching the $250 million domestic mark.  Come inside for the full breakdown.


Box Office Breakdown: Man of Steel Falls to 2 Kinds of Monsters

This past weekend at the box office, the Man of Steel faced its first real competition in the form of World War Z and Monsters University, which managed to push the superhero into the third spot.  No worries as all three managed to pull in plenty of money and make for a very large June weekend.  Come inside for the full breakdown. 


Rated: Monsters University

Cars 2 was rough, Brave was pretty good, and now, finally, the once indomitable Pixar has gotten back on its feet with Monsters University.  It’s a fun and heartfelt family comedy that’s full of cute quirks, tense moments, and the small, creative ideas that bring Pixar’s best worlds to life. 

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