TMP Editor's Corner: On Watching the Credits

TMP Editor's Corner: On Watching the Credits

Being a website, at times I’ve envied the regular printed magazines.  The Editor’s on there get an entire section at the beginning of the periodical (typically titled, ‘From the Editor’ or something to that effect) to talk about whatever they want, within the context of the subject of the magazine.  Us online Editor’s don’t exactly have a format like that, where we can just rant and rave, and generally bring stuff up, we normally wouldn’t in our regular articles (you do that and people start calling it a blog instead).  Well, I’m changing that.

From here on out I’m setting up the Editor’s Corner where I can essentially do my ‘From the Editor’ spiel.  I’ll update it monthly in order to share my thoughts and feelings on various things within the film world.  I’ll kick it off this month with my feelings on watching the credits.

Let’s face it, by the time a movie’s credits starts rolling, that’s generally when people start getting up, dusting the popcorn pieces from their clothes, and exit the theater.  I’ve done it a few times myself, and when I was younger, you wouldn’t catch me sitting through them, unless there was a good reason.

Movie Credits

As I grew older, that feeling began to change, especially upon attending film school.  There is so much work that goes into a film, and while some names may seem to be thrown in arbitrarily...they aren’t.  It’s hard to see it from just an audience perspective, but every individual that makes it up onto the screen, did something pivotal to that movie.  They helped make it possible.  Obviously the top credits go to the stars and director who provided the story, but so many other people worked just as hard on the set as well.

Filmmakers (professional and amateur) understand just how much work it can be.  Students know the pain of having to do every single job on your own or with just a handful of friends; and it carries on into the ‘bigger’ world of filmmaking.

Behind the Scenes

So when I went to the midnight showing of Pirates 4, many people stayed through the credits to watch the final scene.  After it played it truly saddened me to hear someone in the audience shout out “We waited through half an hour of credits for that?!”  

Seriously, is this the attitude audiences need to take to the theater?  I for one, always sit through the final credits.  While on the big-budget effects movies it does take quite a bit of time to go through everyone involved, I still feel I owe it to each and every person who worked on the film.  I mean, if I did anything on a film deserving of credit, I’d for damn sure want people to see my name listed in there!


It’s true, that they aren’t the most exciting things in the world, and it’s partly the reason so many films have resorted to sneaking in scenes after the credits.  I say such measures shouldn’t be necessary.  I say it’s time for us as audiences to sit down and acknowledge ALL of the work that goes into making a movie, and not just the big stars and directors.  So the next time you’re watching a movie, I hope you’ll think about all the people who made this movie, and if you really did enjoy it, take the extra 5 minutes to watch the credits.