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First pictures from the set of 'Conan' show Jason Momoa as the titular Cimmerian

First pictures from the set of 'Conan' show Jason Momoa as the titular Cimmerian

The Conan reboot is well under way and new pictures from the set of the film have started to hit the internet. 

Conan is one of those films, that no matter how many years go by it's still fun to watch.  It's really hard to pull yourself away from the television if you happen to see the big barbarian on the screen killing with wild abandon.  Needless to say upon learning of the Conan remake, I was fairly excited...then the writers strike happened and many thought the project was killed. 

Well the project finally got back on track with an entirely new crew and a few months ago that Jason Momoa (Baywatch: Hawaii) was cast in the titular role.  Personally I felt he was a little...thin for this role.  He's not in bad shape by any means, but he's not exactly buff either.  The Conan character from the original comics and books was muscular on a Biblical scale and that was one of the main reason Arnold had been cast in the first two films.  Momoa just doesn't seem to fit the bill...

With production now in full swing some pics from the set have started to make their way through the inter-webs.  I must say, on the whole I'm very hesitant.  The settings look great, they have that ancient/legendary/fantasy feel to them (which bodes well for the tone of the film) but Jason Momoa, even in full garb, just isn't cutting the mustard. Maybe if this was a made for TV movie or series I would be able to get into him as this character, but right now...meh.


Maybe I'm being too harsh though.  The pictures aren't incredibly clear, and proper lighting and angle could really make a difference.  I guess we'll just have to wait until more official pictures start coming, until then feast your eyes on the latest pictures and you can decide for yourself.