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Rob Bayne

Rob Bayne

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Channel Control Midseason Finales - Punisher what did we think? Future Man and Marvels Runaways reviews

As we head into the holiday season, many TV shows are currently reaching their Mid-Season Finales. This is that special time in television where we find ourselves bombarded with one christmas special after another. We'll also be taking a litte break ourselves but not before we talk about a few recent shows that have hit TV. We're taliking about The Punisher, Seth Rogens Future Man, & Marvels Runaways. check out our video below:

An all new Total War Saga series is coming

Creative Assembly and Sega are teaming up once more to bring us an all new game, Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia. Thrones of Britannia is a new historical strategy game and first title in a new Total War Saga series from the company. Check out the announce video below:


Twilight Zone reboot for CBS All-Access in the works

Today I found out that the classic sci-fi series, Twilight Zone, was in development For CBS ALL-ACCESS. As much as I like the twilight zone, once I saw it was for CBS all-access out of pure habit I said, “well I’m not paying to watch that show.” Of course, that was before I saw who was behind this latest revival of the show. None other than Get Out’s writer and director Jordan Peele.

jordan peele

Channel Control - Comics, and Cartoons, and Wrestlers, OH MY!

Everyones here and were talking about 2 more new shows based on superhero comics coming to tv. Project 13 on the CW and Raising Dion on Netflix. There's one comic book show already on its way next month, The Punisher!

Voltron was released a few weeks ago and is it still holding up to all the hype, Matt gives us the low down on if this show is worth the watch anymore.

Finally BC finally gets to talk about his most favorite thing in the world, Wrestling.

check it all out below.

NYCC TV show panels

This past weekend BC headed off to the Big Apple to check out the New York Comic Con. We gave him a camera and told him don't come back without any footage. He only choke slammed 2 people, but after that he did what we told him to.

Let's check out the some of the video he brought back for us:



Raising Dion coming to Netflix

Superhero shows are all over the place these days. well, we're about to get one more ... Kinda. Netflix has ordered a 10-episode season of the one-hour sci-fi, family drama, Raising Dion. The series is based on the short film and comic book by Dennis Liu. Check out the film below.

Castle Rock 2nd trailer debuts at NYCC

In a past episode of channel control, we talked about a show named Castle Rock. This upcoming 10 episode Hulu original series is a psychological thriller anthology and will be based off the fictional town of the Castle Rock, Maine which has been used in numerous Stephen King Novels. The town has been used as the back drop for The Dead Zone, Cujo, Needful Things, and at least 8 other stories by Mr. King. The town has even been mentioned in over 20 stories including Creepshow, The Stand, Gerald’s Game, & 11/22/63.


Channel Control - Fall TV Premieres Week 2

Another week down and more season premieres to watch. Check out Matt and Rob as they go thru week 2 of the Fall TV premieres. Of course, while we’re hard at work here, BC is off having a good old time at New York Comic Con. What did we think the top show was? Check it out below and see.

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