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NYCC TV show panels

This past weekend BC headed off to the Big Apple to check out the New York Comic Con. We gave him a camera and told him don't come back without any footage. He only choke slammed 2 people, but after that he did what we told him to.

Let's check out the some of the video he brought back for us:



Raising Dion coming to Netflix

Superhero shows are all over the place these days. well, we're about to get one more ... Kinda. Netflix has ordered a 10-episode season of the one-hour sci-fi, family drama, Raising Dion. The series is based on the short film and comic book by Dennis Liu. Check out the film below.

Castle Rock 2nd trailer debuts at NYCC

In a past episode of channel control, we talked about a show named Castle Rock. This upcoming 10 episode Hulu original series is a psychological thriller anthology and will be based off the fictional town of the Castle Rock, Maine which has been used in numerous Stephen King Novels. The town has been used as the back drop for The Dead Zone, Cujo, Needful Things, and at least 8 other stories by Mr. King. The town has even been mentioned in over 20 stories including Creepshow, The Stand, Gerald’s Game, & 11/22/63.


Channel Control - Fall TV Premieres Week 2

Another week down and more season premieres to watch. Check out Matt and Rob as they go thru week 2 of the Fall TV premieres. Of course, while we’re hard at work here, BC is off having a good old time at New York Comic Con. What did we think the top show was? Check it out below and see.

Tremors TV show starts filming this month

Way back in episode 10 of Channel Control, I might have mentioned that Kevin Bacon was going to reprise his role of Valentine Mckee in a Tremors TV show. We didnt have much info on the whole project other than the all new TV series would be on SYFY and that Kevin would play the same character from the first movie, 25 years later. You can check that episode out HERE.


Kevin Bacon in Tremors

Channel Control 19 - The EPIC Week 1 Fall TV Episode

It's time for Fall TV and the whole gang (yeah, even Matt!) is here to talk about what's new, what's returning, what's good and what sucks in the new season of TV.  We compare Star Trek Discovery to The Orville, The Brave to Seal Team, and Inhumans to a half eaten banana. Check it out below.

Welcome to the New World trailer for Warhammer II released

We have a new Trailer for Total War: Warhammer II, Welcome to the New World. The New World is spectacular, with the jungle city of Hexoatl and Elven haven of Lothern serving as monuments to its great and ancient history. However, chaotic and fierce battles lie ahead. The New World boasts many festering ancient jungles and cold, desolate, isolating lands scarred from anarchic dark magic. Adventurers will sail across the western lands, seeking control of the great vortex and claiming the lands of Lustria, Naggaroth, Ulthuan and the Southlands. Diabolical dark forests, treacherous vast seas and mysterious abandoned ruins will slow your domination of the New World.

Let’s take a look at the trailer below:

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – 25th Anniversary Edition coming soon

Way back in 1992, before we ever knew of Willow, Zander or the rest of the Sunnydale High gang, there was Buffy Summers. A High School 'it' girl whose world got turned upside down when she found out that her destiny was not to be the best cheerleader ever, but to save the world from the growing Vamipire menace.

This October 3rd, Buffy the Vampire Slayer -25th Anniversary Edition hits the shelves in Blu-Ray and DVD formats. check out the details below.

buffy and pee wee

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