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Netflix locates Carmen Sandiego

Well the International Queen of Crime, Carmen Sandiego, is back in an animated series on Netflix. This time around it seems that there will be some changes to the character which I’m actually interested in seeing.

CCTV Salutes the Vets

In our salute to Veterans, Matt findsout how Rob spent the weekend celebrating The Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day. The loss of a Veteran of the comic industry Stan Lee, and how is Walking Dead doing now that they lost the man the series was built on, Rick Grimes.

Disney Streaming Service has a Name

Well, at long last Disney has finally announced the name for its all new streaming service which will debut next year . And the name is *drumroll*

Disney+. (I wonder how much someone got paid to come up with Disney Plus?) Oh well let's get into this story.

Swamp Thing Casts 2 Actors for Title Role

Hey, remember back in 1977 when Marvel made a little TV show called The Incredible Hulk and used 2 actors for the role with Bill Bixby playing David Banner and Lou Ferrigno playing his alter ego The Incredible Hulk?!?! Whaddya mean you weren't born yet? OK well yeah they did that then and now DC is copying that 2 actor formula with Swamp Thing as they cast Andy Bean & Derek Mears to play the two halves of the hero.

NYCC Recap Episode

Rob’s slowly getting the studio together but in the meantime were gonna Fed-Ex BC off to New York Comic Con to check out some panels, hang out with the celebrities, see the sights, and eat lots of pizza.

SDCC 2018 - Iron Fist Panel

Im not gonna go into a whole story for this. The panel was great, the videos they had were awesome, and the fight between Iron Fist and Steel Serpent ... WOW. Let's check out the video.

SDCC 2018 - CW's CHARMED Panel

Let's get into some TV shows. I was not sure about this series but after watching the first episode I'm kinda digging this reboot of the Charmed series. Naturally I cant show you the first episode because it'd be kind of a federal crime for me to have recorded it, but I can show you the panel they had after. so lets check that out.

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