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Total War: Warhammer II reveals the final playable race


For a few months now I’ve put up posts on Creative Assembly’s upcoming game Total War: Warhammer II. Where four races are locked in deadly battle to determine a survivor. Such races as the noble High Elves, the deadly Dark elves, the Savage Lizard men and the … Hmm. All this time and we still don’t know who the fourth race is supposed to be. Well today it’s been announced that the fourth and final playable race will be …. The Skaven.

TWW2 SKAVEN RGB 1501163326 2


Channel Control14 – How I met your Munster Dad on a Hill


BC shows up this week after his awesome birthday weekend in Vegas he’s broke and he’s ready to talk TV. This week we’ve got a Munsters remake, How I met your Dad is back on track again. David Letterman heads to Netflix for his all new talk show. Also, King of the Hill may be making a comeback and BC is just so happy.


Channel Control 13 - Death, Racism, and Killer Clowns!

This week we have a show that deals with the death of a character, two alternate history shows about slaves (one the confederates win the war, the other the U.S. gives the slaves three states for reparations), and then there's politics and killer clowns ... why is it always clowns?

Creative Assembly turns 30

Creative Assembly hits their 30 year mark this month and they’re celebrating by giving everyone a present. OK well maybe not EVERYONE, but if you play Total War: Warhammer 30 free elite units are headed your way for gameplay!

Before we jump into what you get let’s find out a little about the company that’s doing this.

  • CA was founded in 1987. They started out porting Amiga titles to DOS.
  • The original Shogun: Total War (2000) started life as an RPG based on the Ming-dynasty Chinese novel Journey To The West.
  • In their early days, they were very nearly relocated to Singapore.
  • Before Total War took off, they made rugby, cricket and Australian Rules football games.
  • As of August 2017, CA employs over 500 people at their studios in the UK and Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • They have 8 major projects in the works, four of which are unannounced.

total war warhammer 7

Channel Control 12 - Who is that Lady?

New Warrior cast revealed, we've got some more info on the Jersey Shore reunion show. The 13th Doctor is here and the fanboys are crying about it. Of course we have channel surfing, love its and no leave its, and this weeks Blu-ray/DVD releases.

Total War: Warhammer II - Introducing the Dark Elves


RISING W LOGO 1499951379

Creative Assembly has released another cinematic trailer for the game Total War: Warhammer II which give us a brief look at the Dark Elves!  We've already seen a cinematic trailer which showed us the High Elves and Lizardmen. So lets check out the The Dark Elves in action below.

Channel Control 11 - Villains and Vampires, and Guidos, Oh My!

While Matt enjoys his honeymoon, Rob and BC enjoy the new Netflix series Castlevania. Two new villains are annouced for the Luke Cage series and The Jersey Shore gets a visit from some old friends. Will we get a reunion show as Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the gang head back to the Shore? Check out the video below to find out more.


Channel Control 10 - Grabboids in The Mist

Whether its grabboids underground, weird things lurking in The Mist or bored Japanese death gods that wont leave you alone, we've got ya covered. This week Rob gives ya the scoop on Kevin Bacon and his return to the Tremors Fanchise. What lurks in The Mist and is the series any good at all and whats the big hub-bub about the AMERICAN version of Death Note.

Cult of Chucky trailer is Here

Move over Annabelle, the doll that started it all is back and he’s got a score to settle. In 1988 serial killer Charles Lee Ray used a voodoo ritual to put his soul into the body of a good guy doll, Chucky. 29 Years and 7 movies later Chucky is ready to finish off some loose ends in the 7th  installment of the Child’s Play series Cult of Chucky.

Channel Control Episode 9: GLOW, Watchmen, Star Trek, and More

In this weeks episode Matt and Rob give you the scoop on the 2nd attempt at a Supernatural spin-off series. News on the Watchmen TV series in development, Star Trek Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green takes on critics who say the show is "too diverse", and the new batch of Big Brother houseguests.  We'll tell you what we think of the netflix original GLOW.  Come inside to watch!  

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