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Matt Malliaros

Matt Malliaros

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SCNS Live's 25 Hour Game-A-Thon

On 11/2/13, SCNS Live will be partnering up with Extra-Life for a 25 hour Game-A-Thon benefitting the kids at Cook Children's Medical Center.  Click on the links for more.

SCNS Live Episode 30 vs Collected Comics

On this week's all new episode of SCNS Live the team goes on location to their home away from home Collected Comics in Plano!  They covered new games, TV shows, and Movies that they're excited about.  Plus, our buddy Rick Cromack previewed new comics!  Come in, watch, and comment below as SCNS Live takes on Collected Comics!


On October 19th, 2013 SCNS Live packed up their gear and traveled to the North Texas Comic Book Show.  There, they checked out cosplayers, toys, and of course comics and the people who create them.  Come in and see what they found and comment below!

SCNS Live Episode 29 vs The Media

On this week's all new episode of SCNS Live, we tackle the media including Youtube, physical or digital?, A Nerd Confessional, and Oh Hell No!  Check it out and comment below as it is SCNS Live vs. The Media!  Note: Fast Forward about 3 minutes for the show to start...

Rated: Escape Plan (2013) - More Than You Expected

Escape Plan, which brings together both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in a non-Expendables movie, is now in theaters.  Earlier this week I got the chance to check out the film in order to help you guys decide whether or not this action flick is worth your time, or a Saturday afternoon rental.  Come inside to check out my verdict!

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