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Sean Porter D.P || 20th Century Women || Interview

I got to talk with Director Of Photography Sean Porter, a second time, in regards to his latest film 20th Century Women. You may know his work from EdenKumiko, The Treasure HunterThe Trust, and/or Green Room, but I'd be impressed if you spotted an obvious throughline in his ouevre. Watching 20th Century Women I was unaware he had shot it til the credits rolled. As a cinematographer who hopes to adapt/evolve entirely to the given material, he surely takes that news as a compliment of the highest form. 

M. David Mullen ASC || The Love Witch || Interview

The Love Witch has promptly become requisite sustenance for cinephiles. As the obligatory end of the year lists come churning out, you’d be damned if you didn’t catch The Love Witch on most of them. It’s made the Best of 2016 lists of  the New Yorker, Timeout, L.A Weekly, Sheila O’Malley (of rogerebert.com), Rottentomatoes 100 Best Horror Films of All Time, The Rolling Stones Best Horror Films of 2016,  The Thrillist’s sexiest movies of 2016, Filmschoolrejects Best movie Fashion/Best Movies of 2016, and Business Insider’s 24 Best Movies you probably haven’t seen this year, etc…. etc...

The Love Witch looks like film’s just aren’t able to anymore. It’s a glammed up homage to its Vistavision/Technicolor idols -- its flawless aesthetic is pivotal and helps ascend the label of a love letter. I talked with, and learned much, from its veteran cinematographer M. David Mullen ASC on The Love Witch’s production. 

Head Of Animation Hyrum Osmond And Story Artist David Derrick Jr on Disney's latest: Moana

Moana is the story of a young Polynesian heir ineffably drawn to the one thing that her community opposes: venturing out into the ocean, like the little mermaid was so drawn to land, like a monster to Boo, and like an ambitious rat was to the culinary arts. 

Moana Head of Animation Hyrum Osmand (Zootopia, Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Tangled) and Story Artist David Derrick Jr. (How To Train Your Dragon, Flushed Away, Bee Movie) talked with the press in a roundtable before speaking to the visual arts students at the University of Denver. Tucked away in a corner of the university, David tapped into what made Moana so personal to him, allowing him to segue easily into the film’s themes of Polynesian ancestry and culture while Hyrum explored the unique challenges this particular film offered Disney’s elite animators. 

Green Room DP, Sean Porter, Talks About Adapting for the Narrative

Sean Porter, of the gorgeous Kumiko The Treasure Hunter, Eden, It Felt Like Love, and now Green Room, (and soon to be of The Trust) and I go in depth on the technical and conceptual aspects of Green Room’s cinematography. We talk small details like T-Stops and Focal lengths, and broader intentions like visual arcs that are brought on literally by the script. Porter began his career in the midst of the digital revolution which allowed him to shoot on 35mm and 16, while also working with digital from the advent.

The Alchemist Cookbook D.P Adam J. Minnick on lensing the Hermit in the Woods

If you've had the privilege to see a film lensed by D.P Adam J. Minnick, you'd have recognized an eye disciplined by the story it's telling rather than by personal inclinations or some sybaritic style that steals from the story. Buzzard, was shot super raw and cold on a 5D, The Alchemist Cookbook was shot formally composed with a warm palllete on an Alexa, and Actor Martinez (US Premiering this April at Tribeca) was shot with Altman inspired slow zooms on a Red Epic Dragon. The aesthetic decisions and stories speak for his adaptability and understanding of the form. And, his latest release, The Alchemist Cookbook, which hit SXSW hard when it world premiered, has audiences, critics, and filmmakers predominately sitting on the 'loved it' side of its divisive disposition. 

We were fortunate to talk with the cinematographer on how the hell the team pulled it off.

John Michael Mcdonagh declares 'War On Everyone'

The Guard and Calvary were two of my favorite films to release in their respective years. Both reel with a jet black sense of humor and western style morality play with an emotionally ambiguous showdown in cessation. They also happen to be gorgeous, shot by Larry Smith (Gaffer/Chief electrician on Barry Lyndon/The Shining turned Only God Forgives/Bronson D.P) and composed in sickening symmetry. In short, I was ecstastic to meet the man behind it all, and his down to earth, silly, demeanor, ended up putting me at ease. John Michael McDonagh, talks about his third and bleakest feature film: War On Everyone. 

Writer/Director Joel Potrykus on his Genre Defying SXSW Splash: The Alchemist Cookbook

I was graced with the opportunity to talk shop on The Alchemist Cookbook, a SXSW gem that saturated all three of its screenings with starved festival foodies, with writer/director Joel Potrykus. Buzzfeed has genred it horror, but I'd be damned before I stuck the film a label. Joel and I talk a little about what happened behind the scenes on this divisive, unignorable beast, of a film. Take a look.

Midnight Special SXSW 2016 Red Carpet

Midnight Special was the big blockbuster of this years South By Southwest. It boasted a star-studded cast, and had an audience line that seemed to snake around and encompass all of downtown Austin. But it has an indie writer/director at the center, Jeff Nichols, who blew up onto the screen with Shotgun Stories, Take Shelter, and Mud and whose perspective has not ceased as the growth of his projects increased. We were fortunate to talk to some of the cast and crew before the big premiere.

Star Wars Battlefront Composer Gordy Haab Talks About Creativity In Adaptation

I had the awesome opportunity to talk with Gordy Haab, the film and video game composer responsible for the great Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars Battlefront scores. He talks about the challenges of creating a score that must endure relentless hours of gameplay and unpredictable transitions, and how his adaptational work is similar or different to his work on original licenses and films.

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