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The Kingslayer has a new Advisary

Last month The Kingslayer Seth Rollins graced the cover of WWE 2K18, and then burn downed the WWE Memorabilia Building. Apparently that didn't set well with a certain Olympic Gold Medalist, 6 time World Champion, and Hall Of Famer. 

Nick Fury to join Captain Marvel

Nearly a decade ago the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with Iron Man. We didn’t know it at the time; we had no idea what we were in for until the credits wrapped up. At that point Samuel L. Jackson walked out of the shadows and introduced himself as Nick Fury, and he wanted us to know about the Avengers Initiative. Since then Jackson has appeared in 7 more films as the character. And it looks like he’s about to be back in action again.

New Updates on WWE 2K18

Earlier last month we were given our first look at the brand new WWE 2K18 with a teaser and new cover man Seth Rollins. Today 2K Sports and the WWE have given us new information on some of the game modes and updates to the newest installment to long running series.

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