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Matthew Legarreta

Matthew Legarreta

Just your standard everyday movie nut.  I talk about film so you don't have to! But please, go right ahead. I love a good debate.

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The Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A Release Date; Makes 2015 Even More Insane

So it's getting pretty obvious that Fox is running out of time with making another Fantastic Four film. The company has mere years to get a new Fantastic Four film in production, less lose the rights forever to Marvel Studios (and adjacently, Disney). So to combat this, the studio is finally getting another Fantastic Four movie in gear...and has even gone as far as setting a release date for it.

Star Wars Episode VIII and IX Have A New Pair of Writers, As Those 3D Re-Releases Everyone Forgot About Shifts Their Release Dates

Gasp internet, can you believe it?  Some actually Star Wars news!  Not a silly list or a completely off base rumor, but a legitimate piece of news backed up by ACTUAL sources.  Just when I thought I'd never see the day.  Anyways, find out who's set to write the other two chapters in the new Star Wars trilogy after the break.  Oh and the new release dates for the Prequel Trilogy re-releases but, c'mon...do you even remember that trilogy anymore?

Wanna Know the Entire Plot of Ender's Game? Read the Official Synopsis For the Film!

Production has been pretty quiet on the Ender’s Game film since the first pictures were released a few months back.  A couple months ago we would have assumed that, by this point, we would have gotten a trailer for the film (at the very least).  But back then, Ender’s Game was set to hit theaters in March 2013.  But then it was delayed to later that year, in November.  So well you shouldn’t expect to see much from Ender’s Game for the foreseeable future, you can read the official synopsis for the film below.  If you want to know almost everything that happens in the book, that is.

Could Captain America Director Joe Johnston Direct Star Wars: Episode VII? Well Internet, I Don't See Why Not!

Alright, this is just getting ridiculous now.  At this point, I feel like we're NEVER going to get a director for Star Wars: Episode VII.  The blogosphere could just be in a perpetual state of confusion for the next couple decades as Disney just witnesses the carnage.  Every day it's a new rumor, a new fan theory, and a new director commenting on his prospects of directing Episode VII.  So only two weeks overdue, it's Joe Johnston's turn.  Wait it's only been TWO WEEK?!  This is starting to make my brain hurt.

Mark Wahlberg Will Be One of the Irrelevant Human Beings in Transformers 4

Michael Bay is slowly finishing post production on his next feature, Pain and Gain, which can only mean one thing—a new Transformers movie will soon be upon us.  Set to come out in Summer 2014, Transformers 4 will be a mini-reboot of sorts for the series, as a new cast of characters will be introduced to replace Shia LaBeof and his hot girlfriend.  And it seems the hot girlfriend role has been filled by none other than Michael Bay's Pain and Gain star Mark Wahlberg!

An Oscar Winning Pixar Alum Will Pen The Script for Star Wars: Episode VII

Yeah, don't worry; it's been 24 hours since our last one, so of course we have another Star Wars releated story for you guys today.  But this one's actually pretty substantual, as a writer has been hired to tackle the next three Star Wars films.  Well...kinda hired.  It's a weird breakdown, but we can confirm at the very least that a writer has written a three film treatment of Star Wars and, if Disney likes it enough, he'll be hired on to write all three. And even better...he's a man we all know and love.

Carrie Fisher Will Find Room In Her Incredibly Busy Schedule for Star Wars: Episode VII Too

Oh Star Wars Episode VII rumors...will you ever cease to exist?  Following the news last week of the film's development from new Lucasfilm owner Disney, it seems like we haven't gone a single day without a Star Wars related piece of news.  Which is pretty awesome for Star Wars fans...and pretty annoying for film journalists such as myself.  Whatever the case, we got more, as Carrie Fisher shares her thoughts on the newly announced sequel.  Guess what?  She's on board.  WHAT A SHOCKER.

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