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Dustin Spino

Dustin Spino

Dustin has been a journalist for the past 6 years. Writing for gaming based websites and attending film school, he has brought his interest to The Movie Pool, PushStartSelect, and now Cinelinx. Follow me on Twitter! @KamiShadow

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Destiny 2 Beta Brings Promising Hopes

When Destiny first arrived in Alpha years ago, I was blown away. I was addicted to the Alpha and with all the promises Bungie made about the final game I was more than excited to continue my adventure. Well the story has been told and Bungie stripped a lot of the content from the initial release, leaving most of us a bit underwhelmed until eventual DLC expansions released. Luckily Destiny started to take shape, and it seems Destiny 2 is the release we’ve all been waiting for.

The Winners And Losers Of E3 2017

E3 is an exciting time of year for gamers and a big part of that is due to the media briefings almost every major company hosts just before the show starts. With every conference (and the show itself) now in the bag for this years E3, who do we think has won the show? Find out after the jump.

Sony's PlayStation E3 Experience Is Rather Neat

Some of us are not lucky enough to be roaming around E3 at the moment (#jealous), but Sony did something to at least give the rest of us an E3 experience. Sony brought E3 to theaters around the world, but maybe you missed that too. Well want to know how it was?

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