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Dustin Spino

Dustin Spino

Dustin has been a journalist for the past 6 years. Writing for gaming based websites and attending film school, he has brought his interest to The Movie Pool, PushStartSelect, and now Cinelinx. Follow me on Twitter! @KamiShadow

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PS4 Year In Review - Look To The Future

A year ago the PS4 released and the console has been a monster in sales ever since. Sony themselves probably didn’t expect the massive appeal of the console, but then again they did live through the PS2 era. With massive shortages early on, Sony has been breaking sales goals ever since and the PS4 still hasn’t let up. The question remains, does the PS4 live up to this hype train it has created?

Will Sony Seriously Ruin Spider-Man With Aunt May?

I tried real hard not to write this, honestly I just don’t want to believe it and was hoping Sony would be quick to kill the rumor. Instead the rumor is spreading like fire, mostly because people despise the idea, and Sony is nowhere to be found. Of all things Sony could do with Spider-Man, a terrible movie solely based on a “young Aunt May” could possibly be in the works…..

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