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Dustin Spino

Dustin Spino

Dustin has been a journalist for the past 6 years. Writing for gaming based websites and attending film school, he has brought his interest to The Movie Pool, PushStartSelect, and now Cinelinx. Follow me on Twitter! @KamiShadow

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Will Tomb Raider Criticism Cut Down Timed Exclusives?

If you paid attention during GamesCom, one of the most talked about announcements was actually a timed exclusive deal between Square Enix and Microsoft regarding Tomb Raider. As you can imagine, the crowd reaction to this wasn’t too great. As of right now a majority of “next generation” gamers are sitting on the PS4 side, but it wasn’t just them that was cut out, it was PC too. That’s a massive audience that wasn’t too thrilled. 


We Got To Play P.T. ... Silent Hills Is Going To Be Great!

During GamesCom, Sony announced a “new IP” from a “new studio” called P.T. The teaser was fast, but we were told to go download the game right away. People did, and then they quickly got through the entire game within a matter of hours, but are still figuring out details. The game ended up being a teaser for a new Silent Hill, and well based off this very small demo we are super excited about it! Here is why! 

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