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Blu Review: Into the Woods

Walt Disney Home Entertainment takes us on a dark and dazzling journey Into the Woods with this mashup of the many fairy tales they’ve so colorfully brought to the screen in animation form before. If you can imagine Once Upon a Time loaded with never-ending musical numbers you have a good idea what to expect from this impressive film. Besides a few spots where you know you’re on a movie set, audiences will no doubt get lost in the land of make-believe Director Rob Marshall transports you to. 

Interview: Actor Sean Christopher Battles Vampires in Teeth and Blood

The versatile Sean Hutchison has been known by a couple of different names throughout his career in entertainment. As an actor, he’ll be credited by the name Sean Christopher. If he’s in a musical mood, you can call him Chef Sean.

Sean’s latest project is a vampire horror film entitled Teeth and Blood. Besides acting in front of the camera, he also provided the title song for the movie’s soundtrack. I had the opportunity to chat with Sean about the making of the film and what audiences can expect to see when they see it. 

It Follows Movie Review

It Follows has become the most talked about horror film of the season thanks to rave reviews and a ridiculous amount of press from not only genre outlets but mainstream ones as well. With so much hype surrounding it, I deemed it necessary to drop everything and see it as soon as possible. As I left the theater, I couldn’t shake the feeling that while what I saw was both engaging and thought-provoking it still somehow missed the mark of true terror.

Comic Review: Batgirl: Endgame #1

Batgirl: Endgame #1 is a unique little one-shot brought to us by the folks at DC Comics. Although Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher are credited with writing the story, their actual work is only represented by one word bubble which contains “Phew” and some “HaHa’s” floating in the city air. It’s 20 pages of Bengal’s artwork telling the tale in gorgeously colored illustrations.

Interview: Director / Writer Lowell Dean About 'WolfCop'

Writer / Director Lowell Dean has a varied roster of television shows and movies he’s helmed since his career kicked off in 2006. Not content to simply stay within one genre, he’s used his talents on everything from reality and documentary series to horror films. Wolfcop is his latest release and it will please fans that are always up for some gore and horrifyingly ridiculous fun.

I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Dean about his time making Wolfcop. He shared what viewers can expect from the film and the challenges faced when creating a sophisticated piece of independent cinema. Even though it’s his written word, I’m pretty sure his sense of humor will resonate through this interview.

Interview: Ambyr Childers for Vices

Actress Ambyr Childers is quickly making a name for herself in different genres on television and in movies. Since taking her first job in the BBC comedy series S Club 7 in L.A., she's moved on to bigger opportunities like a role in the popular long-running American soap All My Children and supporting characters in The Master, Gangster Squad, 2 Guns, and several others. With Vice, Childers re-enters the world of science fiction she first dabbled with in the award-winning 2011 independent film Love.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Childers about her work on Vice. She shared her experiences working with Bruce Willis and tells readers what to expect from the movie. Childers also expands on her role of Kelly the "Artificial" and takes us behind the scenes of the making of the film.  

Interview: Director / Writer Petr Jakl Discusses Horror Film Ghoul

Petr Jakl has come a long way from his roots in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He started out with roles in foreign films in the late 1990s and early 2000s and quickly found a spot in Hollywood playing supporting characters in movies like xXx and AVP: Alien vs. Predator. Not content to stay in front of the camera, Jakl has now written and directed two of his own projects. The latest one, Ghoul, is hitting select theaters on March 20th.

Interview: Actor / Writer Tim Ogletree from The Walking Deceased

Actor / writer Tim Ogletree is fairly new in the world of filmmaking. He kicked off his career in 2010 as an office production assistant for the movie Hesher. Ogletree then moved into a starring role in the spoof movie Supernatural Activity. He decided to get even more involved in his latest venture, The Walking Deceased, by producing, writing, and taking a role in front of the camera.

Comic Review: Detective Comics: Endgame #1

DC Comics gives fans another one-shot prequel to their current Batman event through Detective Comics: Endgame. There’s no denying the cover of the issue featuring a figure wearing an Anarky mask with a smile painted on it is eye-catching. However, many will be disappointed as to what they’ll get on the inside of a book holding the subtitle “Anarky is No Joke!” 

Comic Review: Batman Arkham Knight #1

DC Comics brings the video game world of the Caped Crusader to life again in the form of a prequel to Rocksteady’s new Batman: Arkham Knight. Issue #1 hits shelves after being previously only available for online readers. The 40-page book is masterfully written by Peter J. Tomasi with gritty art provided by Viktor Bogdanovic. 

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