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What to Watch on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is another fun holiday to celebrate with a few good movies between gulps of green beverages and hunts for that one person who forgot what day it was and will get your full wrath in one hard pinch. I wanted to take a little time to list a few films which will help you rewind after a hard day at work or at the local Irish pub. These are just a few of my favorites and a couple suggestions that give horror fans and family folks an alternative to the usual fare they’re bombarded with every year around this time.

Comic Review: The Black Hood #1

The launch of Archie Comics' mature division is spearheaded by The Black Hood #1. Reminiscent of the now classic tales of the Minutemen and resembling Hooded Justice from that team, you have a rather solid idea of what direction we can expect the new monthly title to move in. However, it is darker in tone if you can even imagine that. 

Interview: First Jason Ari Lehman Would Love to Return to Crystal Lake

What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th than by catching up with the first ever Jason Voorhees from the 1980 slasher classic. Ari Lehman may have only had a few seconds of screen time, but they were the most important seeing that they established our image of the masked killer for the rest of the series. Let’s be honest. The scene where Jason comes out of the water and grabs Adrienne King was more startling and shocking than any of the actual butcherings Mrs. Voorhees committed in the film. 

Paying Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

In my short time as an entertainment writer and blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of my childhood icons. Legends I grew up rushing home after school to watch on TV and gawked at in wonder on the silver screen. Not everyone in the world can say they’ve met Captain James T. Kirk, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and so many others I can’t even remember. One of the most memorable encounters was with the man who brought Mr. Spock to life – Leonard Nimoy.

Interview: Baymax Actor Scott Adsit of Big Hero 6

Scott Adsit has spent over a decade playing and voicing different supporting characters in dozens of television shows and movies. All his hard work is paying off thanks to the landmark role the actor took on for Disney’s incredibly popular Big Hero 6. He voices Baymax, the loveable inflatable robot, who lead character Hiro teams up with to fight evil in San Fransokyo. 

Are Comic Publishers Using Diverse Characters Just to Sell More Books?

Let's face it - adding different races and cultural types to comic books is something that has the potential to pull in new readers. Many times it feels like the publishers are just doing things which some would consider “controversial” to gain more attention from media giants like USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, MTV, and other similar massive outlets. This feels like the case whether it be a Teen Titan, X-Man, or Green Lantern announcing to the world they’re gay or writers diversifying the super heroes by introducing a Muslim Ms. Marvel or DC’s Cree Indian female crime fighter Equinox. How about the excitement and controversy surrounding a female Thor and Shield?

Could Masssive Events Like "Secret Wars" and "Convergence" Be Killing Comic Books?

DC and Marvel Comics have spent the last few decades trying to hang on to their audiences through massive crossover events and story arcs that stretch across multiple issues and titles for months and sometimes years at a time. The model worked throughout the 20th century and still does to an extent for older fans who continue to follow the adventures of colorful crime fighters and masked avengers. However, in a day and age where children and teens are raised in a culture where they want instant gratification, quick video clips, and short text messages, does the same storytelling style utilized for one generation work for another?

Comic Review: The Multiversity: Mastermen #1

Grant Morrison is a constant subject of my frustration when reading comic books. Although he’s hit with me more than he hasn’t, I never know what to expect from the writer as I venture into one of his tales. Sometimes they’re so overwrought with scientific mumbo-jumbo and challenging social commentary that it distracts me from the storyline too much. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case as I made my way through The Multiversity: Mastermen #1. 

Horror Films to Watch on President's Day

Every holiday deserves their share of horror films made for it, and President’s Day is no exception. The weird thing is that with all the President’s the United States has had over the past 239 years, only one of them seems to be important enough to be the center of a genre movie. Abraham Lincoln is hands down the most popular Chief who needs hailing. Look no further than the following gems to celebrate your Monday off from work or school with these blood-soaked classics. 

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