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Godzilla: Monster Planet Review (Minor Spoilers)

The 32nd theatrically released Godzilla movie, Godzilla: Monster Planet or Godzilla: Planet of Monsters, which came out last November in Japan, has become available this week via Netflix.  What makes this one unique is that it’s the first-ever animated cinematic adventure starring the king of monsters. This is a good start to a planned trilogy of anime movies, although not without its flaws. There are some minor spoilers in here, so if you’re enraged by spoilers, consider yourself forewarned.

A Look At the Enduring Popularity of Godzilla

This week, the first-ever full-length animated Godzilla movie debuts on Netflix. Originally released last year in Japan, Godzilla: Monster Planet is the 32nd Godzilla movie to come out in the past 64 years. Cinelinx takes a look at the big, radioactive reptile, focusing on the many ups-and-downs of the King of Monsters. 

Top 12 Kaiju Films of All Time

It’s fun to watch giant monsters go on a rampage and destroy cities, or to go head-to-head in a super-sized slugfest.  For decades now, the giant monster/kaiju genre has developed a strong fan following, while mostly being dismissed by critics. Over the years, Godzilla and King Kong have become household names. Let’s end the year by looking at a dozen of the greatest kaiju movies of all time.

Stranger Things Season Two Stays Strong (Spoilers)

The critically lauded Netflix web-series Stranger Things has returned for a second season and it’s an entertainingly odd sophomore year. Most of the first-year cast is back, along with a few newbies, as the town of Hawkins, Indiana faces more Domogorgons from the Upside-Down. Beware of spoilers.


There have been some very good super-hero adaptations, some very bad ones, and some very weird ones. Here are five film and TV reworkings of popular super heroes that made fans scratch their heads and say “Wha…?” 

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