5 Reasons I’m Excited About Disney Buying Lucasfilm


It’s no secret that I’m a massive Star Wars fan. It’s pretty easy to figure out. So of course when the news broke on Tuesday, I was barely able to pull myself together long enough to report it here on the site. Now that my initial shock and hype has worn off (not completely mind you), I’ve had time to gather my wits about me and consider what the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney means. Fortunately, after more thought, I discovered I STILL loved the idea, and now I have the wherewithall to be able to tell you why.

Disney Moeny 

The Money

For all intents and purposes, all of the Star Wars movies are essentially independent films. They’re funded entirely by the man himself, and produced through his private company. Sure, they’re massive films, but aren’t subject to a massive studio. This can be both good and bad, but for the point I’m making here, it’s mostly about the money.

Yeah, George Lucas has tons of it, but he’s always looking to make his films on the cheap. It’s a big deal for him to keep his budget in check, which makes sense seeing as how it’s his own. A big reason why we’ve been waiting seven years for the live-action TV show (even though it has 50 hours worth of scripts done!), is because Lucas wasn’t able to bring the cost down where he wanted it.

Disney does not have this issue. They’ve shown a willingness to throw as much money behind a project they feel the need to. While this hasn’t been working for them lately (looking at you John Carter), they don’t seem to be changing that mindset. They have the ability to put a lot of money behind their big brands, and with the uber success of The Avengers and the other Marvel films, chances are good that Star Wars will get a similar treatment. Hopefully this means we won’t get anything held back, as Lucas has done, because of budget. Meaning we might finally get the live-action show, and even more badass movies.

Star Wars EU 

The Potential

I think this is what most people are excited about. New Star Wars movies means a brand new potential for some great films. Sure, they could be bad, but even the most jaded person doesn’t actually want a bad Star Wars movie. They may be negative about it, but on the whole, people are crossing their fingers for something amazing.

These new films have the chance to branch back into territory fans have been begging for, and can give us all exactly what we want. On top of that, technology has only gotten better, meaning we can get another visual spectacle. Disney has also said that they are considering ‘one-shot’ films outside of 7, 8, and 9 meaning we could see some interesting stories from other directors, exploring various periods in time or even the books (as so many of us want).

Beyond the movies, Disney could bring us even more amazing Star Wars stuff. Their TV shows can be very good, and personally, I feel they’ve done well with the Marvel shows they have. They’ve also got ABC where maybe we can finally see that damn live-action show at some point. Bottom line, there are a lot of ways Star Wars can expand, quite possibly more than it ever has before, and I can’t help but see that as a good thing.

Irvin Kershner

George Lucas Hanging Back

Don’t get me wrong here, I love George Lucas. I don’t feel any hatred towards him, nor have I ever felt like he ‘destroyed my childhood’. He’s a smart man and has created a wonderful world, so I don’t quite understand the hatred so many ‘fans’ associate with him. Even so, I’m still glad that Lucas is taking a backseat on these upcoming films.

Despite the fact that he is the creator of Star Wars, some of the most amazing things related to Star Wars has come from other people. Just look at the Empire Strikes Back, still widely regarded as the best Star Wars film ever, wasn’t directed by him. There are some great games, books, and comics, that he has some ‘influence’ over, but no direct involvement. By taking the backseat we may very well see some of the most spectacular visions of Star Wars.

jordan Star Wars

(yep, this is one corner of one room housing my actual collection)

The Collector in Me

I’m a big time collector of Star Wars stuff. I have a collection that spans an entire house, a pair of storage sheds, and has been appraised at around $50k…I’m pretty serious about it. The problem I’ve been running into lately is that the latest action figures to come out, don’t hold my interest.

The figures based on the cartoons just look off to me, and aren’t as exciting for me to snag. I’ve been branching into other types of merchandise for collecting purposes because of it. New movies means new toys, new characters, and more reasons to collect. Sure, it’s a goofy reason to be so damn happy, but there are far worse things I could be spending my money on…

Star Wars

Chance to Write about it

This last reason is purely selfish, and I’m okay with that. When the final (at the time) Star Wars movie came out, Revenge of the Sith, I was still in college, and thus years away from writing professionally as I do now. As big a fan as I was, I was never able to write about Star Wars, and had remained glued to the internet for every scrap of information.

Now, I have some serious resources at my disposal, with loads of press contacts and access, I’m able to get Star Wars news firsthand and have the wonderful job of talking about it and relaying it to thousands of readers. Sounds like a dream job come true to me.

Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm has me excited. While I confess to be a little nervous as well, I think in the long run, this will turn out to be the best thing to happen to Star Wars. Remember when they bought Marvel and everyone freaked out? Yeah, we all see how awesome that turned out to be, let’s just hope the same holds true for Star Wars.