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Villains We Would Like to See In Future Spider-Man Films

Spider-Man will be seeing another movie next year with the mighty Electro, but what else will we see? While the previous Spider-Man series with Sam Rami and Tobey was awesome, it had mistakes that warranted this reboot. One of the biggest mistakes was rushing right into Venom and skipping out on a lot of key villains in between. The reboot means a chance for redemption, and the opportunity for us to see other villains get some big screen love.  So here’s my list of the villains I want to see in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man franchise (but not necessarily all at once).



He is easily one of my favorite all time Spider-Man villains ever created. Of course there are several variations of Mysterio, but I want to head back to Spider-Man’s roots when it was Quentin Beck (the movie effects wannabe that became super awesome at illusions). Of course he was hired by the Tinkerer as well, which could help with some possible Avengers tie-ins for Spider-Man himself (fingers crossed!).

Other than wanting Spidey in the Avengers, there are plenty of reasons why I want to see Mysterio.  For starters he is an illusion and special effects expert. I absolutely love this stuff, and with today’s technology this could be something extremely awesome and new. Mysterio also has a way of adding new dynamics to every storyline, his stories can be much more epic, and tie in behind the scenes of other films. In the early comics he has even been noted to be certain characters (such as aliens) in issues leading up to his overall performance. He is such a dynamic and awesome character that it would be something superhero movies have yet to establish.

The Vulture, Adrian Toomes


The Vulture is another iconic villain of Spider-Man that has been around since the beginning. Vulture (also known as Adrian Toomes when the character first appeared) is another inventor in the world of Spidey, while his partner Gregory Bestman was the financial brains behind their business. However, one day he went out and created his iconic wings, only to return to an empty office where Gregory was supposed to be sharing the news. He later found out that Gregory was embezzling funds from their company and Toomes was left holding the bag. This of course caused outrage and he used his newly invented suit to become a super villain with wings and super human strength.

Much like Electro in the comics, I was thinking Vulture could be another smaller story villain that works alongside someone else, perhaps Electro himself? Vulture was also part of the Sinister Six making all the more sense to do this. I believe that Vulture’s overall story could relate to today’s world extremely well, and could even be further exaggerated to make the connection even deeper. Get it? Bad economy, big wigs screwing people over, the small guy is tired of it, and now the small guy is making the big guys pay. 



I was honestly trying to prevent creating this list without adding Carnage, but let’s face it, he is probably the most badass villain there is after Venom. Carnage has a rather twisted, yet oddly interesting, biography that started when he was a youngster. He was abused as a kid, killed his grandma, and enjoyed torturing animals. All the key aspects of a psycho in some scary movie right? Well, that’s what makes this so awesome.

They want to make Spider-Man “darker”.  I don’t agree with the idea, especially after Spider-Man 3, but this could be an alternative compromise. What better way to create a dark movie than to follow the life of a psycho at the beginning and show all of this going on? They could easily change a few things around on how he comes across the symbiote. Taking things into my magical fantasy world of Spider-Man, how cool would it be to see Carnage on the big screen with today’s special effects? I think it’d be the coolest thing ever.  Couple that with a great story and you could end up with a phenomenal tale.  The only issue is Carnage is a bit dark in all of his stories, and could very easily lead into a R rated territory.....



Kingpin is another villain that is rather popular, but you may not recognize his name or know much about him until you see his stories and his incarnations within the stories. He was bullied as a kid (do we see the trend here? Stop bullying you guys!) and was made fun of for being overweight. This inspired him to take on learning combat training and slowly he became a part of a gang. Eventually he made a few decisions on his own and became the leading crime lord in all of New York City.

While he isn’t the visual effect feast or super-powered villain like the others on this list, I put him here for an entirely different reason. Nolan’s Batman became so popular because it was “down to earth” and believable. A lot of DC Comics characters struggle with this because they are so far out there. If that is what makes gold, then what better way to ground Spider-Man than to make his enemy a crime lord in New York? With some stellar writing and nice film work we could easily blend together two entirely different genres of films, superheroes and crime/detective stories. That hasn’t exactly been done so far and would create easily one of the most interesting super hero films to date.


These are just a few of the villains I hope to see with the new Spider-Man franchise. Of course there are also plenty of characters in general I would like to see, but it all comes down to my desire to take the story deeper. They are never going to be able to touch on any of these characters if they rush it again. 


I would love to see several villains appear in a film, but rather see them create this Spider-Man universe (again, similar to how Nolan made the Batman universe now) than to have their entire story told in one film. For example have Rhino attacking Spidey just as he busts Electro, but the movie overall is about Kingpin. It would really connect with fans like me and impress us a ton, since we all know who these people are for the most part and are used to Sinister Six stories. Who are some people you would like to see?

[Writer Special! I wrote this article a while ago and predicted Electro would appear in the film eventually. So you can read my tid bit about Electro below if you'd like! I just wonder how they are going to make one of the most bland villains a main villain?


Electro goes by the name of Max and he was struck by lightning giving him the ability to control electricity. He is ranked among the top on many all time villains lists, despite his simple story.  He, along with several later incarnations of Mysterio, fought with Daredevil before becoming a part of the Sinister Six.

This is where my interest to put him in a movie begins. Much like Mysterio, this could easily be another visual effects feast, (with meaning of course).  Imagine him knocking out power to an entire city so he can attack Spider-Man, making huge sparks, and glowing everywhere he goes. You would know all Hell was going to break loose as pages from comics books came to life.

Along with that I was also thinking he could be more of a secondary character too, something I truly want to happen in the new reboot. Have several villain story arch’s, not just one. I’m not trying to bring back dreadful Spider-Man 3 memories, but more so the end of Batman Begins with the Joker card, or perhaps the idea of the Sinister Six somehow forming together.]

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