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The 300 Greatest Films Ever Made (Part 11)

Our daily countdown of the 300 Greatest Films Ever Made continues with part 11 out of 30. These are numbers 200-191.


200) SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959) Billy Wilder USA


199) SPARTACUS (1960) Stanley Kubrick USA


198) PRINCESS MONONOKE (1997) Hayao Miyazaki JAPAN Animated


197) JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG (1961) Stanley Kramer USA


196) SANSHO THE BAILIFF (1954) Kenji Mizoguchi JAPAN


195) FITZCARRALDO (1982) Werner Herzog USA


194) TOOTSIE (1982) Stanley Pollack USA


193) GHOSTBUSTERS (1984) Ivan Reitman USA


192) THE PLANET OF THE APES (1968) Frank Schaffner USA *


191) THE PRODUCERS (1968) Mel Brooks USA


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