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The 300 Greatest Films Ever Made (Part 12)

Our daily January countdown continues with part 12 out of 300 in our list of the 300 Greatest Films Ever Made. These are numbers 190-181.



190)  WALL-E (2008) Andrew Stanton USA Animated


189) FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956) Fred McCloud USA


188) THE MARK OF ZORRO (1940) Reuben Mamoulian USA


187) GOODFELLOWS (1990) Martin Scorsese USA


186) The CREATURE FROM the BLACK LAGOON (1954) Jack Arnold USA


185) FINDING NEMO (2003) Andrew Stanton USA Animated


184) THE BIRDS (1963) Alfred Hitchcock USA


183) IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (1967) Norman Jewison USA


182) INHERIT THE WIND (1960) Stanley Kramer USA


181) THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (1957) Alex Makendrick USA


Numbers 180-171 coming next.

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