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The 300 Greatest Films Ever Made (Part 21)

Our daily January countdown continues with part 21 out of 30 in our list of the 300 Greatest Films Ever Made. These are numbers 100-91.



100) GANDHI (1982) Richard Attenbourough BRITISH/INDIAN


99) HIS GAL FRIDAY (1940) Howard Hawks USA


98) THE HIDDEN FORTRESS (1958) Akira Kurasawa JAPAN


97) 8 & a HALF (1963) Federico Fellini ITALY


96) 400 BLOWS (1959) Francois Truffaut FRANCE


95) THE APARTMENT (1960) Billy Wilder USA


94) BONNIE & CLYDE (1967) Arthur Penn USA *


93) NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) Alfred Hitchcock USA


92) THE PUBLIC ENEMY (1931) William Wellman USA *


91) THE CONVERSATION (1974) Francis Ford Coppola USA

Numbers 90-81 coming next.



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