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21 Jump Street: SXSW Reviews

 I’ll put all my cards on the table right now, I really enjoyed ’21 Jump Street’. I haven’t been a fan of all of the remakes and TV Show reboots that have been taking over theaters for the last decade but this movie was a pleasant surprise. Comedy was definitely the right direction to take the film. 


Killer Joe: SXSW Reviews

 I’m sorry but I just didn’t see it. What started out as a great film really spiraled out of control, and it had so much potential. Immediately after the screening I overheard people enthusiastically referring to the film as a masterpiece but for the moment I’m going to chalk that up to the “festival experience”. 




Lovely Molly: SXSW Reviews

 I’m really not a fan of found-footage films but when I saw that the creators of “The Blair Witch Project” were behind “Lovely Molly” I was anxious to give it a shot. After all these are the guys who pretty much launched an entire wave of found-footage filmmaking. Not to mention that I enjoyed the original Blair Witch, much more than I have anything that has come after it, including the entire Paranormal Activity franchise.



Safety Not Guaranteed: SXSW Reviews

Colin Trevorrow’s Safety Not Guaranteed is a feel-good comedy about a group of misfits looking for love and acceptance. The film uses a touch of movie magic to form an interesting new twist on the same old romantic comedies seen time and again. With a fantastic all-star cast to boot, this was one of the festival’s greatest gems.


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