Five Important Lessons Hollywood Needs To Learn

Filmmakers think they know what we want, but do they really? Do the executives sitting behind big, round tables in the executive offices of the major movie studios really have their finger on the pulse of the public? In fact, it’s questionable if even some of the creative talent, such as big name directors really understand what the people want. (Looking at you, Zack Snyder!) Is the film industry headed in the right direction? Well, we’re offering some free advice to Hollywood today. Cinelinx is listing 5 lessons that the people behind the cameras and desks need to know.


Pitch Your Own Movie Ideas in New Card Game, Cinema Of Attractions

If you thought we were sitting on our laurels after the release of our Cinelinx Card Game (and a handful of expansions), you were wrong!  We're happy to finally be pulling back the curtain on our latest endeavor, a brand new tabletop game that puts you in the role of a filmmaker pitching over-the-top movies to Hollywood studios!  Read on to learn more about our Cinema of Attractions Kickstarter campaign and how you can help.  


Reinhold Heil details his progression from Rock Music to Television and Film.

Reinhold Heil stood at the precipice of an evolving Berlin soundscape. He and his fellow singers and musicians formed what is now referred to as the New German Wave (working with the likes of Nina Hagen and the band Spliff). Touted as one of the best keyboardist in Europe, Heil has taken his multi-instrumental talents to film, lending his hand to great titles like Run Lola Run, Cloud Atlas, and now the Syfy series Helix. Garret and I collaborated to dig deeper into the Golden Globe nominated composer's time behind the scenes.  




New Technology Wants You To Control the Outcome of a Film

Remember those choose your own adventure stories as a kid?  The ones where you make decisions for the character and the story would change depending on the page you turned to.  Well, someone is taking that idea and giving filmmakers the chance to craft movies in the same way, allowing the audience watching to decide what happens next on the screen.  Come inside to learn more about this technology and how to help make it a reality.  

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