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Reinhold Heil details his progression from Rock Music to Television and Film.

Reinhold Heil stood at the precipice of an evolving Berlin soundscape. He and his fellow singers and musicians formed what is now referred to as the New German Wave (working with the likes of Nina Hagen and the band Spliff). Touted as one of the best keyboardist in Europe, Heil has taken his multi-instrumental talents to film, lending his hand to great titles like Run Lola Run, Cloud Atlas, and now the Syfy series Helix. Garret and I collaborated to dig deeper into the Golden Globe nominated composer's time behind the scenes.  



New Technology Wants You To Control the Outcome of a Film

Remember those choose your own adventure stories as a kid?  The ones where you make decisions for the character and the story would change depending on the page you turned to.  Well, someone is taking that idea and giving filmmakers the chance to craft movies in the same way, allowing the audience watching to decide what happens next on the screen.  Come inside to learn more about this technology and how to help make it a reality.  

Top Filmmakers Band Together and Managed to Save Film

By and large the movie business has been transitioning to a more digital era of filmmaking.  As more filmmakers have taken to using high-end digital cameras, fewer movies have been shot using actual film stock.  So few in fact, Kodak, who's provided film for movie projects practically since the start of the business was on the verge of shutting down production on film.  For many, this was a sad thing, an end of an era and the loss of something great.  Now, it looks like it's been save (for now).  Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, JJ Abrams, and Judd Apatow have banded together to save it.  

Official Poster for Horror Film The Divine Tragedies Revealed

In today's Indie Beat, the upcoming horror film, The Divine Tragedies, has completely wrapped production and is on schedule to start its festival circuit later this year.  In celebration of moving on to post-production, the filmmakers have released a new poster for the movie.  Come inside to check it out and learn more!

It Only Takes 9 Minutes to See How Jurassic Park Changed Movies Forever

Jurassic Park was an amazing film when it released, and continues to remain a powerful piece of cinema even today.  This week marks the films 21st anniversary of hitting theaters, and it's also the point at which we're only a year away from seeing another Jurassic Park movie on the big screen in Jurassic World.  To commemorate this, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences has released a new episode of their digital series which details exactly how Spielberg's original film changed filmmaking altogether. 

Tiffen Releases a New Steadicam Mount for Action Shots

Some of the toughest shots to get for indie filmmakers (or students getting started) are action shots.  Handheld footage is most of the time shaky and makes framing difficult, and to that end we have steadicams to keep the camera stable, even if we aren't.  Today, Tiffen has announced the release of an all new (and pretty reasonable) steadicam designed to fit a variety of consumer level cameras (and even phones).  Come inside for all the details!

Cinelinx's Ultimate Lightsaber Tutorial Resource

What's the one thing every Star Wars fan wants to do (besides becoming best friends with George Lucas)? Put Lightsabers into every picture/video that they can. Fans have been trying to recreate the effect since they first hit the big screen, but for years, money was a huge factor in not being able to get that look. These days with technology being what it is, just about anyone with a computer and the will can get those great Star Wars effects.

With a new crop of Star Wars films on the horizon and in honor of our ongoing Star Wars month here at Cinelinx, today I wanted to throw all of you filmmakers and fans a gigantic bone. Scouring the Internet I've compiled for you the best Lightsaber effects tutorials around the web. So this can be your one-stop resource (with links to free software, tutorials, etc.) without having to waste time trying to find everything you need to add Lightsaber effects to your film.

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