Arri's Alexa SXT-W Will streamline Wireless and improve ergonomics

The Alexa SXT-W’s (W for Wireless) primary addition to the already exceptional Arri SXT platform, is the addition of a built-in three-radio system that works harmoniously to avoid the usual interference. A built in, low-latency, 10 bit, HDR video transmitter, WiFi, and ECS (Arri’s Camera+Lens Control system) comprise the three and hopes to improve upon the SXT’s ergonomics by reducing the need for external cabling and video transmitters. 


Check out the Hot new trailer for Demon On Wheels!

Demon On Wheels tells the story of a former hot rodder turned rusty engineer. For some time he has put the passion at rest, allowing time for the rest of his life to finally catch up. But will his choice to return to his passion come between him, his wife, and his worsening health? You’ll have to see Christina Eliopoulos’s love story muscle-car hybrid documentary Demon On Wheels, to find out. 


Dark Comedy, Camino, Looking for Help on Kickstarter

In today's Indie Beat a brand new comedy film (with a dark twist to it), is looking for some funding help in order to pad out their cast and make the best possible movie they can.  In just a few days they're already past the half-way point, but need just a little more to push them over the top.  Come inside to learn more and see how you can help!


Film "And" Digital

Film Vs. Digital, the ongoing battle where none should exist. I can admit to being a man of the celluloid, the tangible format with a life and texture. But I can also get weak for digitals sharp sickly edge. For film it's not so much a competition as it is an individual struggle to survive. Film stock grows scarce and processing labs scarcer. For most new filmmakers films not even an option, nor something they're particularly aware of. Digital suits the time, it's immediate, fast, and frighteningly easy. So this cheap and easier method allows more beginners to make movies that they might not have been able to. But is that necessarily a good thing?