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The Star Wars Games EA Needs To Use As Inspiration

We all know by now that EA is the official supplier of Star Wars games thanks to them buying the license, but what should they do with it? In my opinion, they should compliment the movies like books have done over the years. There is a new rule within the Star Wars universe that everything is now basically reset and everything will be “approved” and add to one big universe. So EA could easily do that as video games tell a story just as well, if not better, than movies do.

What should they compliment though? That is where the fun comes in. The movies will undoubtedly follow the Jedi’s and tell the story through the Jedi’s perspective, except for that awesome Boba Fett one that was announced! So what can EA do? (Besides the hotly anticipated Battlefront)  


If Godzilla Battled Video Game Characters Who’d Win?

Godzilla is storming theaters this week and early numbers are looking great. Reviews are looking positive, for the most part, and the movie should be big for Hollywood. Of course that means Godzilla is back for the time being, and inevitably we will have more Godzilla movies. Remember last time he came around we ended up with all kinds of “Godzilla Vs” whatever movies, along with a ton of ideas that thankfully never came to light. (Yes Batman was in one of those ideas!) So what about instead of abusing movies, Godzilla trecked on over to video games and decided to pick on a few characters? Glad you asked!

We’ve come up with a few characters that would make for an interesting battle!


Why Wildstar Is The MMORPG We've All Been Waiting For

Wildstar Open Beta has begun, meaning if you haven’t already tried it out, now is the perfect time to do so! Beta weekends have already won Carbine an army of fans who are preparing themselves for release. What is it about Wildstar that is leaving us all so lovestruck?


Best PlayStation Exclusives: Resistance: Fall of Man

When you ask me what the best PlayStation exclusives are I automatically start gathering lists of games. You have several generations of great games, and with the PS2 and PS1 there were a lot to choose from. Anything from Spyro to Vagrant Story, PlayStation has seen it all. So I chose to pick a more recent game. Not simply due to it being newer, but because it also represents a company that has been through it all. A company that has made several of those great PlayStation exclusives, and they were never even owned by Sony.


The Legend of Hideo Kojima Creator of Metal Gear Solid

Thinking about it, how does one guy envision such great games such as Metal Gear or Zone of the Enders, while at the same time carrying an entire company on his shoulders? Hideo Kojima, owner of Kojima Productions, has been doing just that for Konami for decades now. The creator of one of the most iconic franchises in gaming has even stepped up to have a big role in the publisher side of things. He helps not only operate Kojima Productions, but Konami itself. Seems logical, through one of your leading men into bigger shoes. Yet how does he do it?

We ask the question as this week we highlighted another great PlayStation Exclusive, Metal Gear Solid. This is part of a month long series that will highlight the greatest PlayStation Exclusives! Be sure to check them out!


Comcast Raised Netflix Prices, Will Video Games Be Next?

In the technology world, it’s an ever growing battle between technology and the services that provide them. One side wants to innovate, but the other side wants money on the booming project. Thus we have cable providers angry and the cable publishers and so on. The latest trend seems to be internet providers getting angry with, well, the content they are supposed to provide.


The Best Sony Exclusives: Metal Gear Solid

In 1998, Hideo Kojima released what would go on to become one of the most iconic franchises in video game history. Yes it is true that Metal Gear had a few games released before Metal Gear Solid, but the first Solid game is what became something great. From that day we have seen several variations of MGS on all kinds of consoles that have been truly groundbreaking in several ways. While MGS may not be entirely exclusive, it once was, and because of that…. it is one of Sony’s greatest PlayStation Exclusives.


The Best Sony Exclusives: God of War

Back in 2006 Sony set a new standard in the action/adventure genre with God of War.  The game has spawned a successful gaming franchise now, with many other games emulating it's style.  At the time of its release, however, God of War was revolutionary and showcased the power still residing within Sony's PlayStation 2.  Since we're examining the best Sony exclusives this month, it's almost impossible to not mention David Jaffe and Sony Santa Monica's incredible action title.