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The Best Sony Exclusives: Uncharted Drake's Fortune

Naughty Dog has firmly cemented their place in the gaming industry as developers who can make fun games with incredibly engaging stories and characters.  Their latest outing, The Last of Us, garnered heaps of 2013 Game of the Year awards but their rise to such fame all started with the Uncharted series.  All month long in Gamerlinx we’re discussing the best Sony exclusive video games, and I thought it’d be great to kick things off with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune


Cinelinx Roundtable: What Do You Think Of Amazon Fire TV

Amazon just announced they are entering the TV box industry with the new Amazon Fire TV. The device will play games, stream movies, and of course intertwine with Amazon Prime. With the announcement, a lot of people assumed it was a video game console. While a controller is for sale to function with it, Amazon noted that it clearly is something more than that. What do we think of the general idea? Well glad you asked as we created a roundtable to answer just that.


Let’s Compare Metal Gear’s Short Length To Other Games

There is a lot of complaining going on about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. The complaining started when Game Informer noted that the “main game” only lasted about 10 hours. There have been lots of remarks that this only gives you a 10 percent completion of the overall game, but fans rather call out the two hour mark. I figured we might as well compare Ground Zeroes to other titles and see if they got the same treatment.

Starting off you need to realize what the price point and length is of Ground Zeroes. First the game is only 30 dollars, and cheaper if you buy digital. It isn’t a full 60 dollars. Next it was noted by Kojima himself that the entire game will take 10 hours to complete at least once. It was only the main mission that took 2 hours.GameSpot and other reviewers have noted the heavy replayability the game offers after you complete the mission.

Now lets look at comparisons.


Old Vs New: Comparing the Best Video Game Cutscenes

It’s a brand new month, which means the team here at Cinelinx is hard at work for new article themes. This month our Movielinx counterpart articles are highlighting the best film performances of all time, so we thought we'd take a similar tact by putting the spotlight on some of the best story moments in gaming: cutscenes. In honor of our NES theme on our forums and Facebook page, we are kicking things off with a look at a pair of great cutscenes from our gaming past and present! 


American Government Hits New Low With Violent Video Games

I am American, I have lived here my whole life and I’m very patriotic towards our country. With that being said I have to say our government is full of morons. Don’t take offense to it, I’m not some American hating person from another country, I say it as an American. Today I found out that our great lawmakers have found a way to push even further into the stupidity of attacking violent video games….


Netflix Is Losing An Important War For Gamers

There is a lot of technology news floating around lately. A lot of it has to deal with phones or tablets, but the tech world is massive. Sony showcased us all kinds of new gadgets, then followed up with a company restructure. PC companies are slipping, and software companies are heading into a cloud. Behind all of this though is a massive business structure full of licenses and agreements between companies. More often than the tech itself we hear about license agreements and lawsuits between companies. Yet one of the most important lawsuits there is (for literally everybody) is flying under a lot of people’s radar.


Amazon Making a Console Could Saturate The Market

I’m personally a console gamer. I prefer consoles after years of PC gaming, but I try to respect both sides. The trouble is that many people push gaming issues onto console players. Lack of indie games, graphics, etc… which could be true, but the truth is, what is better than a machine mostly dedicated to gaming? Nothing.


Games Cost Too Much, but Lets Blame 'Sales'

 I was reading an article on GameIndustry International and they were talking about how an indie developer on Steam was complaining about game sales. According to the developer the fact that games go on sale totally ruin the industry. Why? Well “it creates a waiting game,” where people will simply wait for a game to be cheap before buying it. I don’t think it’s a logical complaint and perhaps the industry should look into the complaint, and how it was handled in a brilliant way by this developer.


What 'PlayStation Now' Needs To Offer

PlayStation Now is the new streaming service offered by Sony to streamline games digitally. The service utilizes Gaikai to stream games to any device at any time. Of course it offers other features, but Sony has yet to dive into them just yet. We do know two things, it will have a subscription and it will have rentals. With that being the focus, there are a few things Sony needs to offer gamers in order to become the Netflix of gaming.