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The Star Wars Games EA Needs To Use As Inspiration

We all know by now that EA is the official supplier of Star Wars games thanks to them buying the license, but what should they do with it? In my opinion, they should compliment the movies like books have done over the years. There is a new rule within the Star Wars universe that everything is now basically reset and everything will be “approved” and add to one big universe. So EA could easily do that as video games tell a story just as well, if not better, than movies do.

What should they compliment though? That is where the fun comes in. The movies will undoubtedly follow the Jedi’s and tell the story through the Jedi’s perspective, except for that awesome Boba Fett one that was announced! So what can EA do? (Besides the hotly anticipated Battlefront)  

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Explore Events More In-Depth

Something that makes video games awesome is the fact they are more closely related to books. You have enough time to listen to what the characters are thinking, enough time to meet new characters, and enough time to explore events more in depth. In movies you basically have one major event and the smaller ones are less explored due to time constraints. I ask EA to watch this and dive deeper into those smaller events. This is something that made even the cartoons on Cartoon Network awesome. They explored events like the massive battle of The Clone Wars, and games even explored events like the Battle of Naboo. These events look and sound amazing in the films, but there could be so much depth added to them it would be fascinating.

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Create the best FPS ever

Believe it or not, a few generations ago there was a Star Wars FPS made. It was titled Star Wars : Republic Commando and takes place during the Clone Wars that Star Wars: Episode II setup. The game was praised by fans and reviewers as being “surprisingly good” and in-depth with it’s short story. The game spawned a few books that follow Republic Commandos in their journey during this war, and tell each and everyone one of their stories.

Now this leads into two ideas here. One this is the perfect example of EA following up on something that the movies will bring about. The stories from Republic Commandos are neat because you get to see a new perspective and ever evolving story that the movies created. Yet are Republic Commandos enough to create a big new groundbreaking game from?

Maybe, maybe not, thats why I say go with something a little more iconic. Now this could, or could not work, but I say lets go with Boba Fett! Now this gets touchy because they are making a movie based on him, so EA would probably need to wait and see what to do here. They could go with Jango Fett and go from there, but they could easily tell a compelling story either way. They could even go with people in a similar situation as Fett and create a similar story.

Once you get that brand name established, it comes down to making a quality game. They are already utilizing DICE’s engine for Battlefront, but they could do it again for a “smaller” FPS title. You could have him all over the galaxy, on ships, land, etc and create amazing scenery. One thing the game will let you do is really dive into the mind of the character, and learn more about them. This could make for one hell of a story, and the added gameplay could possibly be EA’s key to the FPS evolution! Call of Duty took off because “modern shooters” were new in a world full of WWII shooters. Well imagine a well done Star Wars styled shooter in a world full of modern shooters!


Create An Awesome Starfighter Game

EA makes Need For Speed which is great when it’s being fun and arcadish. EA could utilize aspect from that to put in a racing dynamic in Star Wars. The PS2 had a few games about just that, one was call Star Wars: Racer Revenge and it was about the iconic race in The Phantom Menace.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a racing game like this revolving around Star Wars. We need custom ships, online, damage to ships, etc…. We don’t need Kinect controls, thats for sure.

Another option for starfighters is to throw in the battle aspect. The PS2 also had one of my favorite all time Star Wars titles called Star Wars: Starfighter. The game revolved around being a pilot of a Starfighter just before the battle of Naboo. I’d love to return to this aspect of Star Wars one day and purely focus on Starfighters. It’s neat doing it in Battlefront, but this took the air combat to new levels for Star Wars. Plus with VR headset coming in….. well you know what I’m thinking!


Overall Create The Jedi

This I’m in a toss up between being an RPG, original character, or following one of the Jedi’s the movies set up. At one point in time video games have covered one of them and done well. You have Star Wars: The Force Unleashed which was a decent title with an awesome story. It was so good that many fans of the game were hoping it would eventually tie into a movie somehow. This is an example of stories that came off the movies, but according to the new rules these stories no longer revolve around the movies. So would EA need to head to Disney offices and get permission to go this route again? Would it finally tie into the movies somehow?

The second option is an RPG style game and is coming from what is truly one of the best Star Wars titles ever created, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The game was created by Bioware and to follow up they instead made an MMO title which is doing alright. Personally I’d prefer if they return to offline RPG style and create reboot for this franchise. Remember, EA pretty much has to start from ground zero with all their games at this point.

The last idea is to take either a main character from the movies and create a really emotional thrill ride title, or take a secondary character and help develop him/her through the games. The games based on the movies were not terrible by any means, and I’m sure we will get those, but a game that dives deeper is something I want. The backstories and deep intertwining stories is what make Jedi’s so awesome. I want something like Mass Effect or Dead Space that have a really well done story and atmosphere that even non-Star Wars fans will love. Wait, there are people that are not Star Wars fans?

EA could even be creative and use the incoming VR headsets to do something entirely new.... let US be the Jedi. Put the game in first person and give us a lightsaber, then add in Mirrors Edge style gameplay. Oooooh!

These are examples of some of the great games in Star Wars past. We gladly avoided Star Wars Dance Party, or whatever the hell that was, and prefer to look at the great history of Star Wars. With Disney and EA ramping up Star Wars again, what are some of your favorite titles you hope EA brings back to life in some regard?

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