E3 In Pictures From The Show Floor

E3 In Pictures From The Show Floor

I thought it would be interesting to show you guys some pictures from the E3 Show floor. You may or may not have seen some, but I tried to take pictures of interesting things I came across.

This picture you may have seen by all kinds of websites, but it is the coolest area you will walk through at E3. Sony and MS set up shop right next to each other and try to draw attention to both side. Walking all the way back leads to the PS4 area of Sony's booth.



Want to check out the sexy new White PS4 and new controllers? Got you covered.




Also on display was the PS TV which is actually rather small for what it does. Barely the size of a controller, length wise.

ps tv

After this our camera's lense cover broke! It is built in to the camera and supposed to open when it is turned on, for some reason it would only open half way. So we apologize for any blury or awkward looking images!

This Marvel wall was just before walking into the show floor.


Sonic always has a presence at E3 somehow and it is always awesome.


You can imagine what it's like walking around a corner and coming across this....


One of the absolute coolest parts of E3 is how the history of the industry is on display in a big area of the hall. Here they have all the old consoles, a lot of the games, and even arcade machines. In front of them are descriptions about what it is and what part of history it was. My favorite? Well it was the gaming console I had as a kid growing up, with the most iconic game I know of. It's just amazing seeing this sit next to all the new stuff elsewhere in the building.



An interesting note about above. We didn't cordinate it at all, but people kept walking by and beating a level of Sonic super fast then putting the controller down. By the time I left the area, people were already in the water levels with no lives lost and the trend was still going.

Back to pictures, when walking into the Metal Gear presentation they had the history of Metal Gear on display. This was the first poster that showcased the evolution of Snake. There were more including the evolution of Metal Gears, but we were rushed into the show room and couldn't get it captured.





If you guys remember that line for Sunset Overdrive I mentioned in a different article?



WB had a massive screen that showed off trailer for their 4 hot new titles. This was the two biggest ones.



I was super excited to see Rainbow Six at the show again, but Ubisoft normally keeps their games behind walls like this.



Wanted to see the PlayStation headset? Well you were given a ticket to do just that.


Last group of photos will be some random pictues of different booths and the crowds that clutter them all. See if you can name what company is each!











Below, yep that is military people making people do actual excercises and a small boot camp for people playing Call of Duty!



And last I'll end with the beginning. This massive crowd is what you come across before ever even stepping foot inside the convention halls....

e3 main