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Doom Alpha Coming To Select Wolfenstein Codes

During E3 the public got a big taste of the upcoming Doom reboot and single player, but during Quake Con we are getting a taste of the multiplayer. You can possibly try it at home too.

Easter Egg In Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Possibly Linked To Kojima Leaving Konami

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has been out for a while now and a majority of fans know about the prized “throwback” mission (DeJa Vu) that allows you to re-live moments from the first MGS. During this mission you can go around and “erase” the logos of all the games made by Hideo Kojima within the universe, but people didn’t really find a way to link that to much more than a simple mission, until now.

Brand New Street Fighter V Character Revealed at EVO

The EVO Championships went down this past weekend, and Capcom used the fighting game tournament as an opportunity to show off something new for their upcoming Street Fighter V, an entirely original character for the franchise.  Come inside to catch the all new trailer showing him in action!  

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