Princess Peach Gets her Own Wii Remote Plus

Nintendo loves messing around with it's consoles and coming out with new special versions for gamers and collectors to swoon over.  The same can be said for their controllers and peripherals, as not too long ago, the company released special Mario and Luigi themed versions of the Wii Remote Plus.  If that wasn't enough for you, today they've revealed an all new Princess Peach version.  Come inside to check it out!


The Last of Us Remastered Is Official

Like most things Sony tries to hide, it ends up getting leaked before an official announcement. The Last of Us Remastered was pretty much confirmed a while ago, but today Sony went ahead and confirmed it themselves earlier today. Come inside to check out what all will be included in the new version of Naughty Dog's amazing game for the next-gen console!


New Characters, Stages, and Release Windows Revealed for the New Super Smash Bros.

Last night, Nintendo held another Direct Video presentation specifically about the newest Super Smash Bros. game.  While many of us were hoping for official release dates for the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game, we instead got release "windows" with a load of other information on new characters and stages.  Now that it's over, we've gathered up all the information and screenshots from the video in one spot for you.  Come inside to check it all out!