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Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Finn Vignette

So I love Legos. I also love Star Wars. I also live in a world where I can watch Star Wars while building Legos of things in Star Wars. I can also play Lego games with Star Wars characters. It’s a fine world ladies and gentlemen. So that moment we heard that there was going to be a Star Wars: The Force Awakens game I knew I was getting it. So now besides the trailer for the game we got earlier we’re now getting individual vignettes and our first character is FN-2187 or Finn

2K Games Announces 2K Streamcast for NBA 2K16

Ever wish you could watch people play epic games of NBA 2K?  2K Games has you covered as they've announced 2K Streamcast coming to a console near you this week!  Check out more after the jump!

Bandai Announces Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 For 2016

A Dragon Ball Xenoverse sequel is on the way, as revealed this morning by Bandai Namco, giving us our first look at the game ahead of a more complete debut at this year's E3. Come inside to learn more. 

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