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From Plumber to Pimp: Nintendo Agrees to Sponsorship with Mercedes for Mario Kart 8

Mario’s ride just got a major level-up.

With the Japanese release of Mario Kart 8, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Nintendo to give players a go-kart download that just happens to resemble the new 2015 Mercedes GLA Sport Utility Vehicle. Both the GLA and the newest Mario Kart game are scheduled to be available to the public later this summer but the ad campaign begins today, May 29th.

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Heading to PlayStation on August 19th

Yesterday we reported on some funny Plants vs. Zombies parody images that seemingly point to the previously Xbox Exclusive, Garden Warfare, would be coming to the PlayStation consoles soon.  Now EA has confirmed that and even given us a release date on when to expect them.  Come inside to check it out!

New Gameplay Trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

A new Transformers movie is set to hit theaters next month, and that of course means a new video game is as well.  This time, however, the developers are combining the story from the previous Transformers games (the really good ones including Fall of Cybertron) with the canon established in the Michael Bay movies.  While we'll have to wait and see how that works out, we've got an all new gameplay trailer showing off some of the action gamers can expect.

Batman Heads Into Space in his Third LEGO Adventure

TT Games' isn't done with their LEGO Batman franchise just yet, despite upping the ante with LEGO Batman 2, they're going to try and go even bigger this time around with the announcement of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham which will see the caped crusader (and even more Justice League members) take off into space and new, never before explored locations within the DC Universe.  Come inside to learn more, check out the first screenshots, and trailer!

New Official Screens and Details on Nintendo's Hyrule Warriors Revealed

Today, Nintendo has officially pulled back the curtain (a little bit anyway) on the new Legend of Zelda video game coming to the Wii U, officially titled Hyrule Warriors.  We've seen it before during a Nintendo Direct, combining the hack and slash gameplay style of Dynasty Warriors with one of Nintendo's most beloved properties.  Today, brings some all new screenshots and even better, some details on the story.  Come inside to check them out!

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