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Game News

THQ Assets Are Mostly Sold, Who Got What

The sad news is THQ went bankrupt and simply couldn't stick around any longer. The somewhat good news is that they were able to sell off their assets and let other companies continue everything. A majority of their assets have new (pending) homes, and there are some surprises in this list. Check it out!

Nintendo Shows Off Several New Games, Including Mario and Zelda

Updates on the Virtual Console and load times weren't the only things Nintendo talked about in this morning's Nintendo Direct; they also announced a slew of new games, some features for ones we knew about, and some swanky trailers to boot.  We've gathered up all the news and trailers for you in one spot, so come in to learn about when you'll see the new Mario game, and learn a little more about The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD version!

Atari Files For Bankruptcy

American operator Atari Inc has filed for bankruptcy with the aim of breaking free from French parent company Atari SA.

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