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Sega Returns to Hardware, Well Kind Of

If you are a long time gamer you probably remember Sega was once a console maker too. Whenever rumors pop up of a new company entering the market I cross my fingers they do it with Sega. Well the good news is Sega is making hardware, but it isn't consoles.....

Look at the new 'Eeveelution' From Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon X & Y are coming to us on the 3DS in October...and outside of the starters and legendaries, we don't know much else about it.  We do know that being a new generation, we're going to be seeing some brand new Pokemon.  Today they announced a new evolution of the popular Eevee pokemon, called Sylveon. 

Nintendo Brings the Year of Luigi; Announces New Wii U and 3DS Games

Early this morning Nintendo held another Direct Video in which they announced the "Year of Luigi" by announcing new games for the 3DS and Wii U, including: a new Mario & Luigi RPG, sequels to the sports spin-offs, new DLC for current games.  On top of that, they announced other non-Mario/Luigi related content, like Animal Crossing and Donkey Kong for the 3DS.  All the details inside!

NBCUniversal Destroys G4 And Blames You For It

I was trying to refrain from talking much more about G4. While the network was pretty useless, it still had gaming shows and those shows were great to watch. It was the only place on TV (besides Spike TV's E3 coverage) that we could get some gaming entertainment. Now it's gone, and NBC isn't blaming themselves. Instead they are saying you don't watch enough TV and are now seemingly lying about their new "Esquire Network" programming to get you back.

Obsidian is Actively Pitching Another Star Wars RPG

Most Star Wars fans (and gamers in general) remember the Knights of the Old Republic games fondly, and have wished for another entry in the series for quite some time.  While KOTOR II was considered very rough around the edges, it still has a very solid fan base.  Now Obsidian (the developers behind KOTOR II) have said they are lobbying heavily to develop a brand new Star Wars RPG. 

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