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Ed Boon Tweets Out the ACTUAL Injustice 2 Release Date

Earlier this week, the release date for Injustice 2 was seemingly leaked.  Ed Boon, the head of the game's development company flatly denied the leaked date and today has provided anxious fans with the real one.  

Microsoft seemingly let slip the release dates for Mass Effect: Andromeda and Injustice 2 earlier this week (even as we reported on it), but it appears as though neither of those turned out to be correct.  We got Andromeda's release date just the other day and it didn't line up with the leak.  When the "leak" happened, Ed Boon, the director of NetherRealm Studios took to his Twitter to say the game was definitely not coming out in March.  Just a few minutes ago, he revealed the official date: 



May 16, 2017 is when we'll get the chance to battle with our favorite DC heroes and villains and I can't wait.  While fighting games have never been my favorite (and I generally suck at them), I thoroughly enjoyed the first Injustice game.  The fun mechanics mixed with cool animation and an interesting story made for a solid game.  I'm eager to see what the story brings about this time, as well as the inclusion of brand new fighters to the roster.  


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