Preview the War on Drugs With the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta

Preview the War on Drugs With the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta

The release date for Ghost Recon: Wildlands is quickly approaching!  Before it makes its debut, find out how you can be part of the Open Beta!

What are you doing the weekend of February 23-27?  Valentine's Day is over and football isn't on so obviously nothing, right?  That means you have time to immerse yourself in the Bolivian Wildlands and help fight the Santa Blanca Cartel!  

Ubisoft unleashed this video, earlier today, announcing that the Open Beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands will take place in just a few days, February 23rd through the 27th!  During those 4 days, gamers will have access to a sample-sized amount of what Wildlands has to offer.  However, they can learn the tricks of the trade and still perform missions to gain valuable experience.

Additionally, anyone ready to purchase Ghost Recon: Wildlands should definitely find the time to play this beta, especially if you missed the closed beta.  In their official blog, Ubisoft announced that all those who play in the beta will receive, "access to the special “Unidad Conspiracy” reward, which includes three exclusive missions that features a brewing conflict between the local Unidad military and the Santa Blanca."

The entire mission begins March 7, 2017!

To learn more about the Cartel, watch the premiere of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands: War Within the Cartel at 2pm (PST) here.  After it debuts, it will be on Amazon Prime Video.