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Tom Brady is the Madden NFL 18 Cover Athlete

One of the Greatest of All Time to play the game of Football is finally getting the recognition he deserves, by being the Madden NFL 18 Cover Athlete!  Come inside to watch the introduction of Tom Brady and learn more about what is in store!

For the first time in Madden NFL history, teammates from back-to-back years are being featured on the cover of Madden.  Madden NFL 17 saw New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski spike his way onto our systems.  Madden NFL 18 will have his Quarterback, Tom Brady, doing the same.

The announcement came via EA Sports who issued out a press release and a very intriguing trailer.  Have a look and let's discuss!

It's a Madden game so you have to see the generic run into the stadium, the crowd cheering your name, cool voiceover guy talking in the background, followed by highlights of playmakers, etc.  What makes this trailer so intriguing, though, is that EA Sports is hinting at a storyline.  Last year, they shocked the world by including a story in FIFA 17.  The graphics looked amazing and every choice you made affected the world around you.  This year, it looks like they've created one for Madden NFL 18.

We'll likely find out more when EA hosts their E3 Press Conference on Saturday June 10.  For now, let's focus our attentions on Tommy Terrific.  The fact that Tom Brady hasn't been a Madden NFL Cover Athlete until now is a travesty.  Athletes with less accomplishments than him have graced the cover and then fallen back to obscurity.  Peyton Hillis anyone?  Nevertheless, the 5-time Super Bowl Champion, and possibly best QB to ever play the game, is finally gracing the cover of a Madden game EA Sports is calling "The Greatest Madden NFL of All-Time".

It may be because they're including a G.O.A.T. Edition which will include a hot commodity for MUT gamers. When you pre-order Madden NFL 18, the standard edition witll include an Elite player from your favorite team, along with 5 Squad Packs.  When you pre-order the G.O.A.T. Edition, you get all the standard perks, one of 5 G.O.A.T. players for your Madden Ultimate Team, and you get 3-day early access to the game.  EA Access members will have up to 10 hours of early access on Thursday August 17.

The next Madden season will begin on August 22, 2017!

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