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PSA: Alan Wake 90 Percent Off Before Being Removed

Alan Wake, the hit 360 title, is just a few bucks for the entire collection right now, but get it before the game is entirely removed from stores.

Head on over to Steam for PC. amd the game should be on sale for Xbox One as well. The sale lasts until the end of Sunday (48 hours) before the game gets entirely removed from all stores due to licensing issues with some music used in the game.

Remedy confirmed the removal earlier this week. They developed the game along with other titles such as Quantum Break and Max Payne. The removal is due to some licenses running out for tracks found in the game, and Remedy doesn't feel simply removing them will do the game justice. That means the game will be entirely removed from stores by Monday. 

Remedy did note that the DLC may not be on sale in some instaces, but by Sunday all the content should be rather cheap to pick up.

Alan Wake is a "horror" title that was made for the 360 and Windows. The game was released to positive reviews and many fans are upset to see it go.

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