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Total War: Warhammer II release date and special edition announced.

E3 is upon us once again and with E3 comes war. Total War: Warhammer II will hit the shelves September 28th 2017. We still do not know the fourth race that will join the Lizardmen, High Elves, and Dark elves clash on the field of battle.


 Battle Overview 3

 Preorder your game now thru a SEGA approved retailer (HERE) and you will be eligible to receive a FREE Race Pack DLC for the original Total War: Warhammer game. This pack will be available before the second game is released.

Terradon Battle Watermark

 There will also be a special collector’s edition of Total War: Warhammer II available for purchase. The Serpent God Edition can be purchased here (HERE). The Serpent God Edition will include:

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 - Race Pack DLC for Total War: WARHAMMER: a new, currently unannounced Race Pack for the first game in the trilogy. Adds a new Race, two new Legendary Lords and a host of new monstrous units and unique mechanics. Will be delivered and playable before Total War: WARHAMMER II is released.

 - Stone Effect Puzzle Sphere: This relic of the Old Ones can only be opened by the wise, the dextrous or the cunning.

 - Carved Bone-Effect Totems: Secreted inside the cryptic sphere is a selection of bone-totems hailing from the exotic jungles of Lustria.

 - Art book: A weighty collection of exclusive concept art, the thematic starting points for the many warriors, environments and settlements in Total War: WARHAMMER II.

 - Sticker Sheet: Mark your territory with exclusive artwork of the four Races vying for control of the Great Vortex.

 - Canvas Map with Lizardmen Stylised Artwork: Plan your campaigns of conquest as every great leader should with this gorgeously illustrated canvas map of the New World.

 - Saurus Blade Necklace with hidden 4GB USB: A finely-detailed replica weapon of the mighty Saurus warriors, and the perfect vault for your most sacred digital scrolls.  

 And if that is not enough there is even a Limited Edition Serpent God set that contains the following items:

 - Embossed Metal Case: Protect your game discs from Lustrian perils with this lovingly-sculpted metal case.

 - Exclusive Insider Guide: A printed strategy guide for Total War: WARHAMMER II, this book is packed with insider information to get you started with the new playable races, offering invaluable advice to help you dominate the Great Vortex and master the battlefield.

Elven Archers

 Don’t miss out on this magnificent special edition set. Spetember 28th will be here before you know will you play the game as a regular person or as a GOD, the choice is yours.


"Yes, they drink blood. Yes, some of them have been known to command armies of the damned. But at least they're not elves."
-Nils Valera, Agitor


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