CWL Championship 2017 Day 4: The Final Four Are Revealed

CWL Championship 2017 Day 4: The Final Four Are Revealed

They say that Saturday is always the grind but if you can make it to Sunday it gets easier.  4 teams made it through a long Saturday filled with some of the most incredible moments and games in Call of Duty history!  Without further ado, here's how Day 4 of the Call of Duty World League Championship 2017 went down!

Team EnVyUs vs Ghost Gaming

EnVy’s strong defense was on full display early Day 4.  Ghost Gaming would enter the day confident after a good showing on Day 3, and showed in a close Hardpoint game.  Unfortunately, confidence doesn’t win championships and EnVy took Game 1.

EnVy wouldn’t look back, either.  In S&D, Ghost would have no response to EnVy’s hard-hitting defense and they’d lose a Game 2 where they showed little to no competition.  Finally, Game 3 showed off Ghost’s strength on Uplink.  The only issue was that EnVy wasn’t going to let that stop them from their ambition to get to the top.  The game was tied 5-5 with 30 seconds left in the game.  When EnVy’s John got the drone…

“When my team yelled at me to get the drone, I honestly didn’t know what the time was.  When I scored, I saw there was only 15 seconds left and I couldn’t believe it.”

Thanks to John, EnVy would send Ghost to the Loser Bracket, while EnVy would move on to play the winner of this game.

EUnited vs Allegiance

If it wasn’t for Optic, EUnited may be the favorites to win this tournament, surprisingly despite trading Gunless for Clayster earlier this season.  United showed why they were one of the favorites with an early lead in Game 1 on Hardpoint.  Allegiance wasn’t going to go down quietly, though.  They surged ahead to 243, poised for an upset until EUnited stormed back to win 250-243.

United would then, win a close S&D in Game 2 to get a 2-0 lead and gearing up for the sweep.  A sweep that would ultimately not come as ALG would stay alive in a hard fought Uplink.  Finally, United would stake their claim as one of the better teams in this tournament with 250-55 win over ALG in Game 4.

Speaking with Silly after the match about his team’s performance, he said, “Allegiance was better than I expected but we didn’t play to the level I know our team can play.  We’re going to have to play a lot better vs EnVy.  I’m actually probably going to go warm-up now.”

EUnited vs Team EnVyUs would happen later on Saturday.

Optic Gaming vs Splyce

The match-up of Day 4 was definitely Splyce vs Optic.  Both teams swept their opponents, both teams won playoff stages, and it only made it better that it was a match 6 months in the making.  The fans of Optic Gaming filled the Amway Center to watch their favorite team take Game 1 with a strong showing on Hardpoint.  250-159

Splyce wouldn’t let that phase them, though, as they’d come back with fury in Game 2, Search & Destroy winning 6-3.  Good teamwork, camping, and a ridiculous showing by Jurd was the key to tying up this monster match-up 1-1.

The dubbed “Europe Killers” Optic Gaming would get throttled on their worst Uplink map, Throwback, in Game 3.  Splyce, led by a heroic performance by Bance, would get a strong lead 7-2 at half.  However, Optic would make it a game.  Regrouping and coming back with a dunk and throw to make it 5-7 with 2 minutes on the clock.  That would be the last shot, they’d have though as the terrific performance by Bance continued and the European superstars would win 9-5, leading the series 2-1.

Backs against the wall and the crowd clearly behind them, Optic Gaming would lead early in Game 4, Hardpoint.  Splyce, though, would never be too far behind. 3 minutes left in the game two lead changes would happen with the crowd oooing and ahhing with the constant score changes. 2 minutes left, Splyce would take a strong lead.  Optic, desperate, would continue contesting.  Eventually, Optic would regroup, win the contest and get the win, tying the series 2-2.  We’re going to the first game 5 of the Winner’s Bracket!  

If Optic Gaming was going to complete the comeback, they’d have to do it on the map that they lost convincingly in Game 3, Throwback.  Optic would take the first game of S&D but Splyce would not be denied, taking the next two.  Optic would tie it 2-2.  Ball was in Splyce’s court.  That ball, though, would be taken by Optic, as they’d take a quick 4-2 lead in S&D.  Splyce answered back winning the 7th game, quieting the crowd for a moment.  That wouldn’t last long as Optic woud take 8, leading 5-3.  Splyce immediately took 9, trying to push this game to 11 games.  In the end, the thrilling match would not end in an 11th game, but in 10 as Optic Gaming completed the comeback to move on to face Faze Clan.

Kudos to Splyce, though, they now move to the Loser Bracket and face Epsilon.

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Faze Clan vs Infused

Infused came into Day 4 riding high off of an upset win against Rise Nation in Day 3.  While they were keen on continuing their Cinderella story, Faze Clan was not as into reading that story.  Early on, the team led by Gunless and his playoff beard would strike first with a close win in Hardpoint.

The close games would continue on Game 2 in S&D with neither team willing to give the edge to their opponent. At 4-4, Faze would turn it up and get the lead.  With Infused unable to respond, Faze would take 2-0 with sights on facing the winner of Splyce v Optic Gaming.

The Cinderella story vs the hunger of Faze would not be strong enough to stave off the Sweep.  Faze Clan would ultimately take 3-0 in a convincing win on Uplink.

Faze Clan vs Optic Gaming would happen later on Day 4

Rise Nation vs Allegiance

After losing early on Day 3, Rise Nation stormed back with a brilliant 3-1 win over Str8 Rippin.  They’d start Day 4 playing an Allegiance team that EUnited didn’t see coming.  Rise Nation wouldn’t either.  Despite trailing early on, Allegiance would mount an onslaught of points to take Game 1 250-140 vs RN.

Rise Nation would show that S&D is their game and brutally beat Allegiance to tie the game 1-1. Nation wouldn’t stop there, either.  On Game 3, Uplink, Rise would throttle Allegiance earning 6-0 at half, but Allegiance would regroup and score 2 early.  Both teams would answer each other with dunks as the time trickled down. 8-4.  The comeback wouldn’t happen on this day.  Rise Nation would take Game 3, forcing Allegiance into a must-win game on Hardpoint, a mode they’re typically good at.

Rise Nation took an early lead, but a desperate Allegiance team was hot on their tail.  Whatever chance Allegiance thought they had just wouldn’t be enough, though.  Ultimately Rise Nation would eliminate another team from contention in their pursuit of redemption.

Enigma6 vs Ghost Gaming

To end the day on Friday, Enigma6 would eliminate the lone Aussie team with a sweep.  They’d start Saturday afternoon by playing what seemed like a vulnerable Ghost Gaming team, who showed their youth against EnVy early in the day.  Instead, Ghost would come out with full force to take the lead early on in Hardpoint and they wouldn’t let go.  The newbies would earn a 1-0 lead.

Enigma6 wouldn’t take that lightly to come back and take S&D.  Ghost Gaming has shown that S&D isn’t their game and E6 was intent on exploiting that.  The ever-improving young team would R&D S&D mid-game to try and force a Round 11 but E6 would not let it happen in a very stealthy Round 10 by E6 to tie up the series 1-1.  

Fortunately for Ghost Gaming, their strongest mode, Uplink was next and they’d take advantage of it.  Leading 5-2 at half.  Ghost would continue to ball out and win 10-4, leading the series 2-1.  Now, Enigma6 must fight for survival on Hardpoint.  If they could push it, they’d force it to S&D, Ghost’s struggle.  

Ghost Gaming would jump out to a 40-0 lead, using coordinated strikes and cover, but E6 would answer with 50 points of their own.  The problem with E6 is that they’d stay quiet for too long, allowing Ghost to gather points.  You’d blink and Ghost would be up 100 points, that’s how slow E6 would be.   They needed more coordination.  They would ultimately find it, but it wouldn’t be enough to beat Ghost Gaming.  They’d eliminate E6 and move on in the loser bracket to take on Rise Nation.

Luminosity vs Infused

A tale of two teams, Luminosity, a team with a lot of hype goes down early on Friday but ends the day with a sweep.  On the flip side, Infused came in an underdog and wound up defeating a strong Rise Nation team.  Earlier in day 4, Faze would send Infused to the Loser Bracket where they’d face the aforementioned Luminosity.

Luminosity would take the lead first, in Game 1, but a good surge by Infused would see them earn the lead late.  Luminosity would not be denied, though, and would finally end the surge and win 250-198.  

Unfortunately for Luminosity, and their fans, the woes they felt in the middle of Game 1 would continue in Game 2.  Infused would go up with 4 unanswered points to lead in S&D 4-1.  Luminosity would show resilience and win the next 2 but, Infused would take Games 8 & 9, winning Game 2 and tying the series.

Uplink on Frost would be the setting for Game 3.  Despite Infused’s promising first start to the game, Luminosity would gain 2 points and hold the lead at half.  After the break, Luminosity would continue their dominance on Uplink, creating a 7-2 lead and taking Game 3, 2-1.  Back to Hardpoint.

Luminosity looked to end the series quickly, and send one of only 3 European teams home, with a 158-47 lead over Infused in Game 4. Infused tried to fight back but the lead was just too great.  Luminosity would end the day with a win over the misfits from Europe, 3-1, but you have to commend Infused for what they showed at CWL Championships 2017.

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Splyce vs Epsilon

Another day, another matchup of Splyce vs Epsilon.  Two of Europe’s greats have matched up several times over the season and every match was a close one.  No doubt, it would be another close series.

If Game 1, Hardpoint on Throwback, was any indication, we would be in for a fun series.  Epsilon would own the lead, in the beginning, but Splyce would quickly make a game of it 56-55/88-85, but a hold on barn would be the turning point of the match Splyce would take a 50 point lead and increase it even more in Bike Path. 170-105.  Coordinated strikes, including an orbital strike, by Splyce and another hold of the Barn would finish off Epsilon, forming a 1-0 series lead for Splyce.

Epsilon would start off slow, with a terrible showing on Hardpoint Throwback, a map that they’ve always struggled on.  They’d try to turn the tide in Game 2 on Search & Destroy, but Splyce only lost 1 S&D all weekend and that was against Optic Gaming.  

Early in S&D, Epsilon looked to be the second team to beat Splyce, taking a 3 game lead.  Splyce would take Games 4&5 in an impressive fashion.  The reason for Splyce’s resurgance in S&D was all because of a fantastic performance by a hot Madcat.  He alone was the reason Splyce tied S&D 3-3.  Joshh of Epsilon would secure the round in a 1v1 fight, making it 4-3.  Epsilon would then use that momentum to take Game 8 to lead 5-3.  Splyce would end up losing Round 2, being overwhelmed by Epsilon to tie the series 1-1.

Game 3 found the Europeans on Frost Uplink.  Two quick dunks were the story early in the first half.  Splyce would throw an Aaron Rodgers-like rainbow to score a 3-2 lead, making it a one point game at half.  After half, Splyce would score once again, but a laser thrown by a member of Epsilon would keep them in contention and an Overdrive move by Hawqeh would tie it up 4-4.  Time would eventually run out and we would go to Overtime!

Overtime rules state that if a team gets a dunk, the other team must beat the time of their opponent and that’s what Epsilon would need to do.  Splyce hit the dunk in .42 seconds.  Epsilon would have the lofty goal of beating it, but they would fail.  Splyce would take the series 2-1.

Epsilon began Game 4 with a flawless start, 4 Splyce players dead and none of their players.  That resulted in the boys in blue having a large lead over the Snakes in yellow, 130-80.  Splyce would do their best to regain some points, but Epsilon locked down their zones with teamwork and a monster streak by Vortex to force it to a Game 5.

To start off Game 5 on S&D Throwback, Vortex would continue to be hot as he’d pull off a 1 v 2 finish to win Round 1.  Splyce would answer quickly taking Rounds 2 & 3.  A swift 2 v 4 would end with Epsilon tying the rounds 2-2.  Euros would trade blows winning the next few round to keep the tie 3-3 and then 4-4.  Splyce would take Round 9 with hopes of ending it in Round 10.  As I said before, this round would be a close one and it was meant to go down to the wire.  It would go to Sudden Death, Round 11.  

Splyce would ultimately win the tough series to be the last European team in CWL Championship!  Epsilon would go home with $25,000.

Rise Nation vs Ghost Gaming

Two games with a lot to prove got matched up in the loser bracket.  Rise Nation with eyes on redemption after being stunned in Game 1.  Ghost Gaming, new guys to the circuit that want to make a name for themselves.  Would it be the name or the redemption story that would be enough to move on in the Championships?

If the beginning of Game 1 was any indication, it looked like Ghost would have the advantage 143-56.  Rise Nation would make a comeback, though 145-115.  However, Ghost Gaming, the ballers from Cali, would knock Rise down, 250-150, and earn the 1-0 lead.

Rise would have a chance, though, as S&D was up next, and we know Ghost’s history with that mode.  Nation took clear advantage of that fact, going 3-1, in the first 4 rounds.  At brief moments in the next few rounds, it looked as if Ghost could fight back, but that thought was fleeting.  Rise would tie it up 1-1 and we’d be headed to Uplink Precinct.

The Uplink Ballers, Ghost Gaming looked to back to their dunking ways early, but Rise would see their dunks and raise them two, leading 6-4, before half.  The Round would end with another dunk by Ghost Gaming, but Rise would lead 7-6 at half.  After half, Ghost would pull off yet another dunk, but Rise would match their points with 3 of their own to lead 10-8.  Game 3 would turn into a dunk fest for both teams, but it was Cali Ballers who would be outplayed by Rise 18-10 to lead 2-1.

Game 1 saw Ghost Gaming beating Rise Nation on Hardpoint.  Would history repeat itself on Game 4 on Retaliation?  It’s a map Ghost Gaming has been good at and it would show with an early 25-15 lead.  Rise Nation would keep it at tightly contested game, though, tying it 96-96 and growing the lead further in the Hotel Hallway.  Ghost would continue to fight, tying it 152-152, but Rise would grab hold of the lead quickly 180-166.  This back and forth game would be one of the more thrilling Hardpoint games of the day.  It would ultimately be won by Rise and knock off the promising gamers of Ghost Gaming.

Rise Nation would continue their road to redemption.

EUnited vs Team EnVyUs

Silly acknowledged it, they didn’t play to their standard against Allegiance, earlier in Day 4.  He vowed that they’d go back, regroup, and be ready for the defending World Champions, Team EnVyUs, who has been strong all weekend.  They would kick off the Winner Semifinals on Breakout Hardpoint.

EUnited took a massive 60-3 early lead with Prestinni going on a 7-Kill streak.  EnVy would come back but it was the brother duo of Prestinni and Arcitys who held clear advantage for EUnited and maintain a heavy lead, 125-34.  Later, Arcitys would single-handedly kill the entire EnVy team, sending the crowd into a frenzy 192-60.  EUnited dominated Breakout Hardpoint to raise their record on this map to 7-0 and take the series lead 1-0.  EnVy could do NOTHING.

Game 2, Search & Destroy on Throwback, looked like a favorable map for EnVy to make a comeback.  That theory would prove to be true as EnVy would take the first 2 rounds.  It would become a back and forth contest with each team winning the next few rounds.  By Round 7, EnVy was up 4-2.  EnVy would move up 5-2, but two wins by EUnited would force it to Round 10.  By the end of that round, we had a series with EnVy taking tying it up 1-1.

Uplink on Precinct would be the site for EUnited’s feast of dunks all over EnVy.  Just like on Hardpoint, EnVy could do NOTHING.  Before half, EUnited was up 9-0. Silly and Prestinni were the main reason for that dominance.  Just as soon as you believed EnVy was out of this game, they mounted a furious comeback, getting 8 points, just a dunk away from tying up Game 3.  A well-times active camo would tie the game 10-10!  Suddenly, EnVy would throw to perfect drones into the goal to pull off a come-from-behind win against EUnited to take the series lead 2-1.  It was remarkable!

Hardpoint Retaliation was home to Game 4 and if you are a gamer who thinks you’re good with a Sniper, you can’t hold a candle to John or Clayster.  Both were brilliant with their weaponry.  EUnited came out strong, locking down the zone and earning a 115 point lead.  EnVy would fight back to take the lead to 215 but EUnited would fight back late to tie it.  240-241.  Finally, EnVy would hold their ground and beat EUnited!

Talking with JKap after his match, I asked him about what happened in the Uplink game.

“I don’t know.  We were down but we kept saying, ‘we can come back’ ‘we can come back’ then we scored like 8 points in a row and we all had streaks and it helped us win.  It was crazy, probably the craziest game in COD history.”

On who he’d like to face in Optic Gaming or Faze Clan

“It doesn’t really matter, honestly.  At this point, being in the biggest event of the year it just matters to focus on your own game than who you’re playing.”

EUnited drops to the Loser Bracket and EnVy moves on and guaranteed their spot in the Winner’s Final.

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Splyce vs Luminosity

The lone Euro team vs an inconsistent Luminosity team.  Logic would assume that this would be Splyce’s game to lose.  However, this would be Game 3 for Splyce and only 2 for Luminosity.  Fatigue was a possibility.

Early on, it looked as if fatigue was actually going to be the case, with Luminosity taking a huge lead against Splyce.  Splyce would shake off whatever was ailing them and come back to make it an interesting game, but the lead was just too much and Luminosity would take game 1, 250-211.

Once again, Game 2 was Luminosity coming out with a strong start, but Splyce wasn’t going to have a repeat performance going up 3-2.  Splyce wouldn’t be able to fend them off long, Luminosity would win 2 and go up 4-3.  Splyce made it a game by tying it up 4-4, shortly after. Luminosity would just overwhelm Splyce in Rounds 9 and 10 to take a 2-0 lead.

Suddenly, it was apparent that no Euros would make it out of Day 4 alive.  Luminosity would make sure of that in a sweep of Splyce.  Splyce fought admirably all day, but it’s obvious that they were fatigued from 2 brutal Game 5 matches with Optic Gaming and Epsilon.

Optic Gaming vs Faze Clan

The favorites vs the mainstays.  All Faze Clan needed was a Superstar to put them over the edge, that’s why they got Gunless and it’s helped a lot.  Optic Gaming have been the strongest team of the tournament and favorites to win.  Should make for a fun game.

If you were to ask the fans in the crowd who would win they’d likely say Optic, obviously.  So, you can imagine how wild the Amway Center was when Optic Gaming blew past Faze Clan in Game 1, Hardpoint Breakout.  They  Beat them 250-82, sending a statement that they are the team to beat.  However, as we saw with EUnited, they blew away EnVy in Game 1 and still lost later.  

Round 1 of S&D easily went to Optic with the team killing each member of Faze in less than 30 seconds.  They took Round 2 when Karma went 1v1 vs Gunless and won.  Optic continued their onslaught victimizing Faze in every aspect of the game going up 4-0.  Optic would ultimately blowout Faze in Game 2 with a 6-0 victory.

At half on Game 3, Faze would be up 4-1.  As if they were toying with them, Optic came back to surge with a 6-4 lead, using cover, streaks, and back sweeps.

Luminosity vs EUnited

Two hard-nosed teams would face off in one of the final match-ups of Day 4, Luminosity vs EUnited.  EUnited were heavy favorites for the weekend, but a brutal loss to EnVy sent them to this game. As for Luminosity, they had a tough beginning to this tournament, having to play Optic in Game 1.  Despite that, they were able to put that aside and get so far as to sweep a Splyce team that almost beat Optic.  Now, they could eliminate a threat in EUnited and make it to the Loser’s Finals.

LG came out to an early lead, as they’ve done over the tournament.  The surprisingly thing was that EUnited, who throttled EnVy on this mode, felt stifled on this round.  So much so that Luminosity had over a 60 point lead.  Late in the game EUnited got over whatever what was bothering them to take the lead 172-154.  Luminosity would storm back to win 250-213.  

The woes for EUnited continued when S&D started.  Luminosity quickly took a 3-0 lead and suddenly it felt as if EUnited had nothing left in the tank.  The steamroll would finally end with Luminosity skunking EUnited 6-0.

Next up is Uplink who EUnited needed to win in order to stay alive, and after the upset pulled by EnVy, they don’t need any more motivation.  Quickly United went up 3-0 but a stolen dunk by Luminosity made the game 3-2.  Another dunk would give LG the lead.  EUnited would shoot one in to tie 4-4.  The tie continued when both teams traded dunks.  The game would finally end tied and go to overtime where Luminosity would strike first and ultimately end EUnited’s hopes of going home champions.

Rise Nation vs Faze Clan

An emphatic loss by Optic Gaming has sent Faze Clan to the Loser Bracket to face off against a hot Rise Nation.  You could say that it’s unfair that Faze just played a few minutes ago and have to play another game, but let’s be honest, they shouldn’t really consider that a game.  Nevertheless, this game is for the Losers finals and leaving with at least $80,000.

Game 1 saw Rise playing strong on Hardpoint Retaliation and earning a modest lead.  Faze wouldn’t let that phase them and they’d attack the lead until they captured and grew it 120-78  Rise would try to make up the deficit but a good Faze team kept increasing their lead. 176-110.  Good streaks by Attach and Gunless saw Faze come back to form and close out game 250-114.

Fortunately for Rise fans, the Nation would stay united, dominating the clan in S&D, blowing out the Clan 4-0.  It took 5 rounds for Faze to finally get on the board.  However, that would be the only point Faze would score as Rise Nation ties it up 1-1.  

Game 3 Uplink on Throwback was favorable to Faze, going into it.  However, by half only 1 point had been scored and it was by Faze.  Rise wouldn’t even threaten until the end of half, to no avail.  The defense from both of these teams were stellar.  Barely either team cracking for 9 minutes until Rise would dunk in the last minute of the game to lead 2-1.  That would be the end of Game 3 with only 2 scores in 10 minutes.  What favored Rise is that they scored a 2-point dunk instead of a 1-point throw.

Trailing 2-1, Faze Clan would enter Game 4 on their most favorable Hardpoint match, Scorch.  After starting off trading leads, Faze Clan would end up taking a 50-point lead, despite Rise having the respawns and able to flood the zone.  The onslaught of Gunless would just be too much for Rise.  Faze would end up defeating Rise by more than double, 250-102, to tie up the series 2-2.


Rise Nation would open up Game 5 going up by 1 in S&D, the game they beat Faze in Game 2.  Faze would take Round 2, followed by Rise answering back by winning the next 5 rounds to ultimately eliminate the team led by Gunless. It's likely he'll shave his playoff beard now.

So, now we know who the final four are Optic Gaming, Team EnVyUs, Rise Nation, and Luminosity.  The Loser Bracket will kick off tomorrow followed by what is likely to be a fun match to watch in Optic vs EnVy.  Who will win the whole thing, though?  That question will be answered tomorrow on Championship Sunday, but after watching all the matches I have, it'll be hard for anyone to beat Optic.  EnVy has a chance but they'll have to bring their A++ game.

Stay tuned for more news and updates from Championship Sunday on my twitter feed @movethejoystick and the Cinelinx social media pages!