The Inaugural Episode of UGF Airs Tonight With Mario Kart Madness

The Inaugural Episode of UGF Airs Tonight With Mario Kart Madness

Tonight, Cinelinx presents a gaming tournament show like nothing you've ever seen.  Brackets, Feuds, and Championship Bouts.  This is UGF and it premieres with Mario Kart Madness live at 7:30pm at Nerdvana in Frisco and the Cinelinx Channels.  Come inside for more.

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If you were watching SCNS last night (why wouldn't you be?), you would've seen the exclusive reveal of our new gaming tournament show, that begins tonight, entitled United Gaming Federation!  UGF is a monthly (for now) tournament show that pits the best gamers against each other for the top prize in Video Game Entertainment, the Cinelinx UGF Championship! 

Each month, 8 competitors from around the nation will gather at Nerdvana Food & Spirits in Frisco, TX to compete in a tournament of a specific game.  On UGF, every win matters too.  If you win your game, against your opponent, you earn an advantage in the next tournament.  The higher the seed you are, the more power you have in the tournament.  

For those who win a tournament, a bigger prize awaits them at the next tournament.  The opportunity to face the reigning champion and become Cinelinx UGF Champion.  That's no easy road, either.  Whoever is champion, at the time, picks the game weeks in advance.  It's up to the challenger to practice and work up to become the title holder.

SO, now that we have the rules down, let's get down to tonight.  Tonight, at 7:30pm CST, will be the inaugural episode of UGF with Mario Kart Madness!


LA, Matt "movethejoystick", Rob "Ntropi", "The Kingsman" Michael Shafer, "AP" AJ, Ashley, LLP, and new entrant Casbeer will play against each other on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch under the following rules:

  • 1 Circuit per Round (4 races) Cumulative Score wins.  
  • If it goes to a tie, Round will be decided in Time Trial
  • Higher Seed selects Circuit
  • 150cc
  • No Characters, Cars, Wheels, or Chute are off-limits.

Then, in the main event, the Cinelinx UGF Championship will be on the line! The Injustice 2 Champion The Jersey Jackass BC goes one-on-one against the ARMS Champion Tha Mad Zack in an Injustice 2 Best of 5 Match for the Undisputed Cinelinx UGF Championship!

The rules for the title match are as follows:

  • The Finale will be Best out of 5 matches.  
  • Competitors must change their character after each match.
  • No character is off-limits.
  • The winner of the match wins the title of Cinelinx UGF Champion.


Who will win? Who will become #1 Contender?  Find out LIVE on the Cinelinx FacebookYoutubeTwitch, and now Mixer pages Tonight at 7:30pm/CST from Nerdvana Food & Spirits