This Friday Cinelinx Presents UGF MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye

This Friday Cinelinx Presents UGF MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye

This Friday, the landscape of the United Gaming Federation will take shape as 8 competitors will enter the arena to face off in another epic tournament!  Plus, the Cinelinx UGF Championship is on the line!  Come inside to find out how it'll go down and how you can win Destiny 2 on PS4!

Friday, September 22, 2017, 8 competitors will enter the Nerdvana Arena to compete in another United Gaming Federation tournament, for the chance to obtain gaming glory!  4 weeks ago, you witnessed the birth of UGF during Mario Kart Madness. This Friday, see how it all unfolds with Cinelinx Presents: UGF MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye!

Bracket 2 MvC

This month's tournament will pit our 8 fighters against each other in the brand-new game Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite!  Here are the rules for this tournament:

  • All matches will be under Best of 3 rules
  • Players MUST change their characters after each fight
  • Failure to do so will result in a DQ
  • All maps will be chosen randomly
  • If you win 2 fights, you win the match and move on to the next round, the loser is eliminated

One of these 8 players will end the evening as the NEW #1 Contender for the Cinelinx UGF Championship!  

As for who will be the champion come October, we will find that out in the Main Event as current #1 Contender and Mario Kart 8 Champion Quad C will face off against the reigning Cinelinx UGF Champion, The Undefeated BC in a 10 minute GoldenEye match!

Don't forget!  You, the viewers, can win at home too!  UGF is giving away a copy of Destiny 2 on PS4 to a random viewer who does the following:

  • Follow @CinelinxUGF
  • Watches MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye
  • Subscribes to the Channel they're watching from
  • Are active participants in the chat

Another unpredictable tournament gets underway THIS FRIDAY, September 22, at 7pm from Nerdvana Food & Spirits in Frisco on the Cinelinx channels of YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, and Mixer!