Detailing the Destiny 2 Expansion Roadmap

Detailing the Destiny 2 Expansion Roadmap

Bungie has outlined what they plan to bring to Destiny 2 over the next couple of seasons.  Come inside to find out what's new!

A few weeks ago, a new update emerged for Destiny 2 that increased the output for a lot of weapons, while simultaneously increasing the rewards and reducing the repetition of certain exotic weapons.  Now, Bungie is prepared to show you everything have planned out for Destiny 2 Season 3!

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On May 8, 2018, Bungie will release the Warmind expansion, the first of many updates coming to Destiny 2, throughout Season 3.  As the image suggests, the Warmind expansion will include changes to a lot of the weaponry by adding exotic masterwork weapons and trying to randomize exotic weapon drops even further.  However, the most significant increase on this list is the Vault Storage.  Destiny 2 had already done a great job of giving players more room to store all their prized possessions, but it still didn't feel enough.  With this, we can add even more!

The Warmind expansion will also provide Guardians with new Crucible matches from the Warmind and the Curse of Osiris, but these won't be limited to just Competitive or Quickplay matchmaking.  Instead, you'll be able to find these maps in Trials of the Nine, Iron Banner, and Mayhem/Rumble!  Seeing as Trials of the Nine only inhabited one map, this will add a nice wrinkle to the uber-competitive PvP mode.

Furthermore, Warmind will take Guardians to brand new locations to meet new people, fight new villains, and search for new loot.  To see how it all looks before, May 8, Bungie will be hosting a "reveal stream" on April 24, here!

With the previous update, Bungie delighted a lot of fans who had felt that Destiny 2 had become stagnant.  With these new updates, Guardians won't be saying the S word any time soon.  To read the full breakdown, click here.