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The Nintendo Switch Yoshi Game Gets Pushed to 2019

The Nintendo Switch Yoshi Game Gets Pushed to 2019

Nintendo has now confirmed that the Yoshi game for the Switch, slated to arrive this year, has been pushed back sometime into 2019...

Despite showing off at last year's E3, the upcoming Yoshi's World game for the Switch was conspicuously absent from Nintendo's presentation this year. Many expected to get another look at the game, which continues the Wooly World art style (a great game by the way) and a firm release date; but it never showed. 

This sparked many to wonder what was up with the game and if it'd been delayed. Nintendo wasn't saying anything at first, but during an interview with Polygon, Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed the game had been delayed to 2019 and "continues to be in development making great progress.”

It's kind of a bummer, but considering the wealth of impressive games for the Switch on the horizon, coupled with Nintendo's track record of amazing games (after they've been delayed), it's hard to complain. Either way, we have plenty more Switch goodness to look forward to until Yoshi's game arrives.