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2nd Opinion Podcast #218 | WE NEED BETTER GAMES!

2nd Opinion Podcast #218 | WE NEED BETTER GAMES!

 The 2nd Opinion Crew is here to talk all things gaming! Tune in now to hear our Top 5 Games we want brough back from the dead! 

Welcome to another episode of The 2nd Opinion Podcast, we are joined by the full crew TMAN, Zack aka The Albino Wizard, and the Electrifying man himself Boltz! On this episode, we talk about the return of Dead Island 2, Assassins Creed Next Gen, Fallout 76, and more! We also list our Top 5 Games we want brought back from the dead! Please check us out on iTunes, Google Play Podcast, Spotify, and ! Check out our great podcasts, gaming news, 1st and Tens, and more !

Here at 2nd Opinion Productions, we aim to create a central location for podcasts to come together. We feel this allows for an open, diverse and secure place to express opinions and views to the gaming community and industry. Bridging the gap between the industry’s developers and the gamers out there in the community is our top priority and our forte. We believe that unity starts by bringing everyone to the same level, same page and playing for the same team!


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