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QuakeCon 2018 | Quake Champions Interview

QuakeCon 2018 | Quake Champions Interview

During QuakeCon 2018 we had the chance to talk with Joseph Boyle, Community Manager of Quake Champions about the game and how it's evolved over the last couple years. 

As we see in the name of the convention, Quake is a huge part of QuakeCon every year. During the event, it was announced that Quake Champions is now FREE-to-PLAY forever! This is huge for gamers who like to grind their way to unlocks, but what does it mean for the game as a whole? Find out in our interview: 

Quake Champions is now permanently FREE TO PLAY! Download Quake Champions in Early Access on the Launcher or Steam! Experience the latest evolution of the fastest, frag-tastic skill-based series that defined competitive First Person Shooters!