Kojima Trolls the VGA's With Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

Kojima Trolls the VGA's With Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

We saw what looked to be a new IP from a fresh new studio, but all along it was Kojima secretly laughing at you! When we say it wasn't true, you might be sad. The game looked amazing and had an interesting concept behind it, who wouldn't want to know more? Well this is what triggered me to figure out if it was Kojima all along. Go ahead and search for details, good luck finding anything. Lets dive into the details. (NOTE: This is a rumor, for all we know the game is true. But we did some digging! )

-- Moby Dick studios? So far the only thing I can find is a photography website. Supposedly its based in LA, and guess who is opening a fresh new studio in LA? Kojima Productions. Wouldn't you think you would have a website all prepared and ready to go if you are spending so much money on a VGA premiere?

--The main characters face was hidden the entire trailer, constantly cutting away just as you are about to see him. This is a classic move by Hollywood when they are announcing a new character in a movie that you already know. "Oh my god its him!" Why would they hide the character if we didn't know who it was?

--The "enemies" in the trailer look almost identical to that of Metal Gear Solid. The PMC's, the Psycho Mantis looking enemy near the end, etc...

--The game looks to be running on Fox Engine. The lighting and textures look near identical to what we have seen from previous Ground Zeroes gameplay.

--There is no denying the main character looks almost identical to Snake. Perhaps food deprived and beaten a few times so he has lost some weight. You can say "well it's just a look alike," but there is no denying Snake has coined the look for himself. Just like Drake has his "look" to him in Uncharted.

-- Joakim Mogren = Kojima M-OGRE-N

--The video has been removed from Spike's World Premieres list (actually never listed) and searching for "The Phantom Pain" on Spike and GamteTrailers results as nothing.

The Phantom Pain refers to feeling something that isn't actually happening. Often when you have something removed (such as an arm) you still feel it there resting, or moving, or doing something. It's something that doesn't exist, but you still think its there.

If my theory is in fact true, then this is why we absolutely love Hideo Kojima! Very well played! And if it isn't true, well we can't wait to hear more about this new game!