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Darksiders' Developer Vigil Becomes Crytek USA

Vigil went bankrupt with THQ, but the staff is still one studio!

THQ had some quality assets going into auction before finally going bankrupt entirely. A majority of those assets were sold and are currently in new homes, but one big suprise was Vigil and Darksiders. No one bid on them for some reason, and the fans didn't want to see them go. So in stepped Crytek.

Vigil and Darksiders are gone. They went bankrupt officially with THQ several days ago. However the staff of Vigil had a meeting with Crytek, and during this single meeting they opened a brand new studio. Crytek USA, located in Austin Texas where Vigil employees are based.

According to reports Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli flew from Germany to Texas to meet with Vigils David Adams. Crytek noted they were interested in bidding on Vigil, and spoke with them during the auctions and bankruptcy, but simply didn't like the circumstances around it. So during this meeting they were trying to take things further, now that all the employees at Vigil had no jobs.

It's noted that because the entire team showed up and was so committed to each other and their projects, combined with the "quality of Darksiders" that Crytek had absolutely no issues creating Crytek USA. No resumes were looked at, no interviews, nothing. Simply support for the studio did it.

And now you have Crytek USA, which is basically Vigil under a new roof. We probably won't be seeing Darksiders, but we can't wait to see what this team does come up with! If nothing else, you can't help but to show love for Crytek doing this.

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