Look at the new 'Eeveelution' From Pokemon X & Y

Look at the new 'Eeveelution' From Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon X & Y are coming to us on the 3DS in October...and outside of the starters and legendaries, we don't know much else about it.  We do know that being a new generation, we're going to be seeing some brand new Pokemon.  Today they announced a new evolution of the popular Eevee pokemon, called Sylveon. 

When I say they announced a new Pokemon, that's literally what they did.  They announced it...and that's all.  They didn't go into how you evolve your Eevee into Sylveon, or even the new pokemon's type.  They basically just said, "here you go!"  Even so, it's hard to complain, as fans like myself tend to get excited about the little things like this. 

They did, however, send a bunch of images, a graphic, and even a new trailer (above) for us all to enjoy.