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StarCraft Ghost is Still Technically in Development

Well...here's a bit of news I never imagined I would be reporting on.  Apparently, the long gestating StarCraft based FPS game, Ghost hasn't been cancelled as many fans believed.  Technically, the game is still in development over at Blizzard. 

In an interview with PlayStation Magazine, Blizzards' Matthew Burger said that StarCraft Ghost, was not cancelled, but merely on hold.  The story of this game is well-known (and lamented) by gamers.  Announced back in 2002, the game pulled a Duke Nukem on us and suffered a bunch of delays, until finally it appeared as though the developers and gamers alike gave up on it. 

It looks like all hope may not be lost after all, when asked if the game would ever see a release, Burger stated "Maybe."  It's vague, not at all a direct statement, but considering it's the first of anything we've heard (positive) about the game in years, it's interesting.

I guess until such time as the game is released or completely cancelled, part of you can still hope, and you'll just have to console yourself with StarCraft II for your fix.


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