Alice McGee Opens "OZombie" KickStarter

Alice McGee Opens "OZombie" KickStarter

You may have seen recent stories from us about American McGee trying to make another Alice game. These are some of our favorite titles, so we were really hoping that happens. However it seems he will be going into the Wizard of Oz instead!

American McGee and his studio Spicy Horse have been in talks with EA to do another title for Alice. The second game was a fan favorite, and a lot of his followers have been asking for more. Sadly the talks didn't happen soon enough so they are unable to do it. However McGee did note that talks to do the second Alice title did take forever, and it wasn't until they made a different game that EA decided to let them make Madness Returns.

So he had a back up plan, a game based on the world of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. This is the route they have decided to take and have already opened a KickStarter to do it.

The game will be using OpenGL and be released on mobile devices (including new tablets), PC, and Mac. I reached out to them about possibly porting it to console and they noted that it would be costly to do so, but if they raised enough money and have enough left in their budget it is a possibility. Perhaps if Sony's new push for indie titles is true then this will become a reality even faster? I'd love to see the title on the Vita at least.

I don't normally post KickStarters on here, and there have been plenty I've been tempted to do, but this one is rather awesome. The whole idea behind it seems rather massive, and having interconnected devices to play 24.7 is something big developers are even pushing.