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Sign Up For Killzone: Mercanary Beta

We got hands on time with Killzone: Mercanary and we rather enjoyed it. Now you too can get some time with the online portion of the game before it releases, and help make it better.

The game is releasing September 10th, but you can sign up to get in the private beta until July 17th. The beta is private, so you will also need some luck to randomly be drawn in the massive pool of people.

You can sign up here!

Personally I'm rather happy to see them doing this. Not so much so people play it before it releases, but to see them take time with a Vita title. The past shooters on the handheld have been pretty terrible for the most part, and Killzone looks to change that.

However at E3 they did have some issues and we saw some of the team working through it. People randomly dropping and lonely-ness searches for people. Perhaps they truly did see these issues and are looking to repair it a bit. Hopefully, but all we can do is play the beta and help them improve everything!

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