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PS4 Currently Strongest Single Day Launch

The PS4 is currently the record holder for strongest single day launch in terms of units sold. 

According to recent reports, the PS4 has sold over a million units in its first 24 hours. A single day, and it has sold more units than recent console launches have done in a month. 

This is a great sign for Sony and the gaming industry as the PS3 only manage to sell 190k units in two weeks during its launch. It took a full month and a half for the PS3 to finally reach a million units sold in North America. 

What makes this even more epic is that currently the PS3 is only availible in North America and broke the record. The Wii, the recent record holder, sold a million units over several days but also released in several regions at once. Once the PS4 releases in EU in a few days, the number is only going to increase further. However in perspective, the Wii sold over 600k units in its first week, so Sony is also on pace to take back the fastest selling console belt. 

The question then becomes, will Sony hold on to the record? The industry has grown and the numbers prove it, but Microsoft has its turn coming very soon with Xbox One and we can expect to see similar numbers. The issue is the Xbox will be availible in multiple regions, and this is going to hand them a slight edge for "first day" numbers.

Then we have to see what both consoles do down the road. The WiiU also released to strong numbers, but quickly fell off a cliff after its first month on shelves. Hopefully with the added power and libraries of Xbox One and PS4 we won't see that happen again. PS4 seems to be set more on releases in the next few months, instead of tossing them all upfront, which gave it a lackluster line up. So perhaps the hardest part for PS4 is done and it only goes up from here. Fingers crossed that both consoles do well! 

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