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70 Percent of PS4 Owners Purchased Call of Duty: Ghosts

For a game that takes a lot of heat all the time, they sure do a good job of selling it.

The launch numbers came in and over 700k copies of Call of Duty: Ghosts were sold on PS4 during launch. There were a million PS4's sold, so that means over 70 percent of all the owners also have Call of Duty. It nearly doubled Call of Duty: Ghosts numbers, and the same is expected to happen again with Xbox One, along with a substantial amount in other regions for PS4 releases.

Second in line was Battlefield for at just over 390k units sold, and Killzone rounds out the top 3 with 355k units sold. Killzone was the top selling exclusive for PS4, while the moderate rated Knack sits at 102k units sold.

What is the most shocking about all of this is that Angry Birds: Star Wars managed to sell 2k units. I'm not here to bash Angry Birds, it's a great phone game, but paying that price and playing it on your brand new PS4? Someone explain this to me!

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