Big Game Preview: Super Mario Odyssey

This Friday sees the release of one of the biggest games of the year, Nintendo's Super Mario Odyssey!  Before you play the game or decide to buy it, here are some thoughts on the game from hands-on experience in our Big Game Preview for Super Mario Odyssey!


Top Ten Toy Reviews of 2014

SO I decided to take a look back at which toys I thought were best that I had reviewed. After a so many reviews it was very hard to decide but I broke it down to just new releases this year. So check em out with links to the original reviews in case you missed them. Happy New Year all!


The Best Nintendo Exclusives We're Still Playing

All month long in our Gamerlinx editorial series, we’ve been talking about the best exclusives to have ever graced the Nintendo systems.  While our writers have done a great job breaking some of them down, there’s simply too many to cover in one month!  So instead, for our final article this month we’ve opened it up to ALL of our writers to briefly discuss our favorite Nintendo exclusives that we’re still playing to this day.  Come check out our lists and share your own!


5 Retro Baddies We Love To Hate

Many retro games are notoriously difficult and avoiding imminent death is common place when playing a game like Battletoads or Altered Beast. Here we shine the spotlight on 5 Retro pests that further amped up the difficulty and perhaps caused us to sprout a few grey hairs.

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